Drew Barrymore / Garbage
March 20, 1999

It's me again. Renee. How are all of you lovely people today? (I'm a little hyper, so don't mind me) I was looking forward to this show. I like Garbage and I was curious to see what Drew Barrymore would do. (I wasn't even born yet the first time she hosted.) Except for a few bad sketches towards the end, I think this show turned out pretty well.


[OPENING] E! Oscar Pre-Show with Joan and Melissa Rivers
I was half asleep when the show started. (I was at an audition for the school play from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, okay, so I was really exhausted.) I don't really remember much of this sketch. I woke up and drank some Pepsi or something during th opening credits so that I could stay awake. It worked. I couldn't fall asleep until 3:00 AM.

grade: can't grade this, missed a lot of it


[MONOLOGUE] Drew Barrymore
I thought the song was really funny. However, I've learned that she really can't sing. It didn't seem to matter that much, though.

grade: B+


[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy
I love Darrell's Sean Connery. It never fails to crack me up. And Jimmy's Nicholas Cage was really good. I wasn't really expecting Drew to play Calista Flockhart, but she did it pretty well. "The pen was too heavy." hee hee hee hee hee hee (I'm very hyper right now, I'm sorry.)

grade: A


[SKETCH] "How are you doing?" in Banana Republic
For a while I wasn't sure where this was going. I didn't think it would be too funny. But then when they got all worked up and sounded the alarm and cleared out the store and called the manager in to find out how Horatio was doing I really started laughing. This was kind of an odd idea, but it worked.

grade: A-


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music: Captain and Tenille
I'm starting to get a little tired of these VH1 commercial parodies. This was okay. Nothing spectacular.

grade: B-


[SKETCH] The How Do You Say? Ah Yes, Show
I don't know why this always cracks me up. I think it's because it's just so ridiculous. Chris Kattan looks nothing like Antonio, but he somehow pulls it off anyway. Drew did a pretty good impression of Melanie Griffith's annoying voice. It was kind of nice to see them do something somewhat new with this sketch.

grade: B+? A-? (I'm not entirely sure what to give this one here)


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio: Oscar Highlights
I don't think I got it. Maybe I'm just stupid. I don't know. It wasn't that funny. I've seen much, much, much funnier ones. My favorite "fun with real audio" would have to be the "Presidential address outtakes" from the Cameron Diaz show.

grade: D


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
All I'm going to say is that Colin's getting really good. His jokes are now consistantly making me laugh, which wasn't really the case when he first started WU. I think that he sould actually appear in a few sketches, though. The Bill Clinton commentary was pretty funny. And Chris Kattan's comentary on that Cher song...I could not stop laughing. He was so...out of control! I loved it! It was hilarious! (Maybe I'm kind of biased on that point since Chris is my favorite cast member.) I got the hiccups after watching that.

grade: A


I really like Garbage. That's all I'm saying.

grade: A


[SKETCH] Dog Show
Okay, I've said this before in my James van der Beek episode review and I'll say it again: I really hate this sketch. I mean, I really, really, really hate it. I don't understand why the hell the studio audience thinks it's so funny and I don't understand why the hell so many people like it so much. It's sooo stupid! It's not funny at all. There is nothing funny about it. The dogs are cute, I'll give you that much. But other than that, it's just a really stupid idea. I can't stand watching it anymore. It's pathetic. It's pointless. It's really bad. They really have to stop doing this because it pisses me off so much. But since so many people like this moronic sketch, watch Lorne Michaels make it into a whole freaking pointless movie in a year or so. That'll be just my luck, won't it?

grade: D- (I really hate this sketch)

[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music: Def Leopard
I am getting really sick of these commercials. I didn't watch this one. I muted it and ranted angrily to myself about how much I wish they would come up with a new commercial idea and about how much I can't stand the Dog Show sketch.

grade: can't grade it, didn't watch it


[SKETCH] Terrance Maddox models for art class
They've really run out of things for this character to do, haven't they? The girlfriend idea could have gone somewhere, but it didn't. Terrance needs to retire. Now.

grade: C-


Once again, I will only say that I like Garbage.

grade: A


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music: Fred Schneider
Actually, this commercial I watched. It was pretty good, for one of these VH1 parodies. Will looked a lot like that guy. Not bad.

grade: B


Overall, this show was pretty good. The worst sketches were towards the end of the show, as usual. I'm getting tired of the VH1 commercial parodies. The real VH1 commercials are practically parodies themselves, and if you parody a parody, it's kind of pointless. They should come up with a new idea. And as for Dog Show...well, I think I made my point earlier when I reviewed the sketch, but I'll say it again: It's a really stupid, unfunny, pathetic, pointless sketch. And I don't like it. Chris Kattan appeared in a lot more sketches than he usually does, which of course made me very happy (I like him, okay?). All in all, not bad. I was kind of thrown off when they announced that the next live show would be hosted by John Goodman and not Dana Carvey as I expected, but I wasn't too surprised. John's made so many appearances this season that they'd be insane not to let him host again. And he's really funny...so...I'm not dissappointed or anything. I hope Dana does host this season, though, becuase he's always been one of my favorite SNL cast members. Along with David Spade, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler and Phil Hartman. So he'd better host. Anyway, I'm kind of going off on a tangent here, so I'll just end this now. See you all next time. Buh-bye!

Episode Review written by Renee Epstein

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