Drew Barrymore / Garbage
March 20, 1999

E! Oscar Opening
Pretty good opening. I love Cheri Oteri's Mellissa Rivers.
Seeing Joan Rivers with fangs and horns is always a joy too.
Good celebs w/ John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jr.


Good ol' fashioned singing session. Nice to see how Drew can
look back and laugh at her childhood troubles. Love seein
Jimmy's Sandler too.


Celeb Jeopardy
Always loved this skit. Sean Connery's was great as always.
Nic Cage was okay and Claista was better than average. Not
as funny as other Jeopardy's but not that bad.Could have
been longer. "Bitchin technology!"


Banana Republic
An okay sketch.Started out kinda lame but picked up at the end
with the alert and the manager coming out.


VH1 Captain and Tenille
Not as funny as other VH1 Behind the Music's.


Antonio Banderas
Never really liked this skit.This one was above par though.
Drew Barrymore's Melanie Griffith was fair,especially the laugh.
Plus seeing her do a little cleavage exposing is always good.


TV Funhouse
Hilarious!! Funniest one I've seen in a while,when was that anyway?
Just kept getting funnier. The cat throwing up,then decapitating
the dog,then peeing on him. Great stuff.


Weekend Update
Not a big fan of Weekend Update in general. Pretty sick of Clinton
and Kattan's Cher bit wasn't that funny.


Musical Guest-Garbage
Didn't like the song.No grade


Dog Show
Funny,funny stuff. I've alwyas like Dog Show,and this one was no
different. Something about watching dogs talk and seeing Mr.
Bojangles in a wedding dress.


VH1 Def Leopard
Funnier than the first one. Very funny.


Terrence Maddox
YESS!!!! My favorite character returns. Probably the worst one I've
seen but not that bad. Liked the Louis Armstrong song at the end
better and wish he'd say "You don't have to kick ol' Terrnece
Maddox in the ball!"


Musical Guest-Garbage
Didn't watch.


VH1 Behind the Music
Funnier than the others.


Pretty good show. Some of my favorite skits returned,others i hated also
did. Hope to see some Brask guys in a few weeks with John Goodman.

Episode Review written by Jason Sly

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