Drew Barrymore / Garbage
March 20, 1999

Opening: I loved how no one would talk with Melissa Rivers and how Ana's impression slowly metomorphosized into the Devil. That was great. A+


Monologue: Strangely neurotic, but one of the best this year. I am surprised that Chris Kattan had the cajones to dress up like a whiskey bottle, but that was only the beginning of his wonderful oddities. A


Celebrity Jeopardy: My dad is not a big fan of the show like I am, but he absolutely loved Darrell Hammond's impression of Sean Connery. I loved it as well! Buck Futter! A+


"How are you doing?": I was actually in the Banana Republic recently, and that is exactly how the clerks act. Not as funny as the rest, but absolutely true. B+


VH1 Behind the Music: Captain and Tenille: I am not a big fan of these VH1 parodies, but this one was alright. C+


The How Do You Say? Ah, Yes! Show w/ Antonio Banderas: I loved this skit! It was great when C. Kattan sported that Zorro bikini and a little something else. D. Barrymore's impression was great, too! A++


Fun with Real Audio: Oscar Highlights: Ehh, it was so-so. I love animals, and the chopping off of that dog's head was horrible. D+


Weekend Update: Colin, as usual, was absolutely hysterical. C. Kattan and D. Hammond were brilliant! A++


Garbage: ...is the best. Love their CD. A+


Dog Show: It had me laughing, but at the end where Molly Shannon and D. Barrymore made out was slightly gross. Great, besides that. A


VH1 Behind the Music: Def Leopard: It was alright... B-


Terrance Maddox Models For Art Class: There is only six words I can say: I Have Always Loved This Skit. A


Garbage: Gotta go with another A+


VH1 Behind the Music: Fred Schneider: The best VH1 parody of the night. A


Overall: Great episode! A different cartoon would have put the frosting on the cake, as they say. A

Episode Review written by Becky B.

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