Drew Barrymore / Garbage
March 20, 1999

I was looking forward to this episode. Even though I hate Drew
Barrymore as a comedic actress (she's not bad otherwise), I thought that
SNL could still cook up a pretty good show with the right amount of
spices and flavorings (OK, I'll cut the crap). Also, she's pretty hot.
And there are usually good shows when hot people host (i.e. Elle
MacPherson, Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, Macully Culkin). OK, not
Macully. Also, I haven't really heard Garbage's music except when they
were on SNL. I think thay was them. So let's see how it went...


Oscar Pre-Show with Joan and Melissa Rivers:
This was a funny opening skit. Everything worked out well in this skit,
with the use of at least half of the cast, some good impressions (John
Travolta, Tom Hanks), and an interesting topic. The only bad thing was
that "becoming a devil or monster" or whatever that stuff was. SNL has
to stop with the bad sketch endings.
--9 out of 10


Drew Barrymore sings:
I thought that they would have 1982 references, and I was glad that they
did because I've always eanted to see her first episode. Funny.
Anyway, the monologue and song itself was pretty funny, yet it was very
depressing, too. I found it kind of hard to see her laughing about all
of that. Overall, good.
--7.5 out of 10


Celebrity Jeopardy:
Man, I've been waiting. These are and this one was great. Hammond did
a hilarious Connery, as always, Barrymore did a pretty good Flockhart,
and Fallon did an OK Cage, but I couldn't completely see it. Funny
skit, as always, but they used Connery too much. That's one thing I
liked about it. The anorexia joke was great, but in bad taste.
--9 out of 10


Banana Republic:
Since I never go to this store, I couldn't really understand the joke
completely, but I got it well enough. This just shouldn't have been on
so early. A one joke premise in the first half hour never fares well.
Good try, though. I may have laughed a little.
--4 out of 10


VH1 Behind the Music: The Captain and Tennille:
I love these VH1 spoofs. This one was great, and the laughing thing at
the end was funny.
--8.5 out of 10


The How Do You Say? Ah Yes, Show with Antonio y Banderas:
This was funny, but it's getting kind of old. Same stuff. If they keep
this on, they should do it less frequently, despite how spiratically
it's been put on so far. The funniest thing is that he doesn't look at
all like Banderas.
--6 out of 10


Fun with Real Audio: Oscar Moments:
I just didn't get the joke. However, I admire their ability to make
cartoons with Real Audio.
--3 out of 10


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn:
Funny as always, and one of his better ones. I usually don't like his
little self-analogies, but these were funny, especially the Amish one,
no offense. Clinton was great with his signals, and Kataan was
moderate. Very good, overall.
--8.5 out of 10


Garbage #1:
Didn't see all of it, but what I saw was good.
--8 out of 10


Dog Show:
TAKE IT AWAY!!!! This was the best Dog Show out of the three aired, but
that's not a lot said. Some of it was funny, but these characters are
just saying weird things, like Mad TV, and that's not good. I totally
didn't picture Barrymore, when she kissed Molly, so that was great. But
an OK skit overall.
--5 out of 10


VH1 Behind the Music: Def Leopard:
This was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing at the arm thing, and
Parnell was great!
--9 out of 10


Terrance Maddox models with his wife:
I love these, and I've been waiting a while for this, too. Funny, as
always, and his introdution and robe slip-up were hilarious. They gotta
put these on earlier in the night. This skit featured some great lines,
like, "Why should I wait in the car if I live there?"
--9 out of 10


Garbage #2:
Good again.
--7 out of 10


VH1 Behind the Music: Fred Schneider:
Will was great in this. The word things were hilarious, and despite
this being on so late in the show, I was laughing. Better than your
average 10 to 1.
--8.5 out of 10


A good show with high points and low points. Some skits they should put
on more overall, some less. But a good show, and I can't wait for
Goodman. He'll be a Ten-Timer, and tied for second on the all-time list
with Buck Henry and behind only Steve Martin. He will have hosted once
every year for the past 10 years. Anyway, nice show.
--7.5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Artie

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