Drew Barrymore / Garbage
March 20, 1999

(OPENING) Pre-Oscars: I liked Ana's and Cheri's performances as the Rivers's. The whole Joan as a vampire thing was a bit much, but I liked seeing all of the stars. Chris Parnell does a pretty good Tom Hanks.



(MONOLOGUE) Drew Barrymore: Oh, she just wouldn't shut up. She starts balbbing about how she was the youngest host ecer (big deal) and then she goes into a song aout her fall and rise. Please, entertain us next time.



(SKETCH) Celebrity Jeopardy!: Boy, I must have been in a good mood becaused I laughed out loud at this. I love the Jeopardy sketches on SNL. Darrell's Sean Connery has an even bigger part than Will's Alex Trebek, and that's rare. Nice job by Drew as Calsita Flockhart and even better job by Jimmy Fallon as Nicolas Cage. Too funny, especially the penis mightier deal.



(SKETCH) How are you doing today at the Banana Republic?: They seemed to carry 1 joke on too long. Basically Horatio didn't tell the workers how he was doing, so they bring out the manager and evacuate the store. OK, that's an awful big stretch.



(COMMERCIAL) VH1 Behind The Music with Captain and Tenille: I never got the point of this. I guess you have to watch VH1 because I didn't find this entertaining.



(SKETCH) The How Do You Say? Ah, Yes. Show: I'm not too pushy with this sketch. I like Chris's performance as Antonio Bandaras, but that;s about it. it's funny in some places, but flimsy in others.


(TV FUNHOUSE) Fun With Real Audio Oscar Higlights: I always love these cartoons by Robert Smigel and this one is no exception. A producer comes up on stage to get an award (his name escapes me). A cat comes up to get some loving, but he pushes her away. That in turn, leads to a brawl between man and cat. This was hilarious, I really enjoyed it.



(WEEKEND UPDATE) I've begun to get used to Colin's style of doing this, but I still think of Norm. A pretty avergae Update, but the commentaries didn't help out at all.



(MUSICAL GUEST) Garbage: I never listen to the music on SNL, probably because I don't keep up with music nowadays. My parents got me hooked on oldies, so i don't pay attention to modern music that much.



(SKETCH) Dog Show: I like these sketches with Mr. Bojangles. This time, they're trying to marry him with a dog named Rocky Balboa. Will and Ana keep this sketch going, and they do it well.



(COMMERCIAL) VH1 Behind The Music with Def Leopard: Again, I just don't payattention to this stuff, so this wasn't entertaining.



(SKETCH) Terrence Maddox models for art class: I enjoyed this sketch. Will performs very well in almost everything he does, and he is exceptional here as a nude model.



(MUSICAL GUEST) Garbage: Didn't listen to it.



(COMMERCIAL) VH1 Behind The Music with Fred Schneider: See first 2 VH1 sketches above.



(OVERALL) A few good, a few bad is basically the theme for this show. Best sketches of the night were Celebrity Jeopardy! and TV Funhouse. Worst sketches were VH1 Behind The Music and The Banana Republic. No new shows until April 10, when John Goodman hosts.


Episode Review written by Adam Shuler

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