Alec Baldwin / Luciano Pavarotti
December 12, 1998

Clinton's Sorry-This was really funny. It was so real too! Loved "I have the board game Sorry in my office. I play it all the time."A+


Mono-John Goodman was fun to see. Pretty good overall too. A


NBA on NBC-Kinda funny.Liked when they were gonna show the how basketballs are made,then the guy saying "awesome!" A


Morning Latte-Always funny! Alec wasn't as good as Kattan though. Still funny, liked "Ooh,just a salesgirl?" "That's okay,that's okay." Hilarious when "Of course diabetes is.." Cass jumps in "when you see double." "My husband told me he already cheated on me. I forgot,yeah I forgot." That was so funny. A++


Katie the Clown-ok. B


Cartoon-not really funny. D


10-10 phone thing-This was funny! A


Music-ok. C


Weekend Update-Actually thought this was funny. Best Collin has ever done. Liked Kwanza Tim. A


Delicious Dish-The ball thing got sickening but the rest was funny as always. Liked when she said she asked for 3 things for Christmas "I feel like a glutton." "I know,it rhymes with season's greetings." Still funny. A


Brokaw/Hearings-Ok. C


Chanukah Music-ok. C


Bill Brasky-Really stupid and long. F


Overall great show! It is tied for 1st if it isn't itself. I missed a few though that looked pretty good in the reviews. Hope they repeat them. Happy Holidays everyone!

Episode Review written by Maria

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