Alec Baldwin / Luciano Pavarotti
December 12, 1998

Overall View: This episode was very disappointing!! I thought it was one of the worst ever this season! These kind of episodes it what made me stopping watching SNL years back. They could've done a lot better...especially being the last episode of 1998! Overall Rating: D+


President's Address: I thought this was a good opener. The best was when he started flirting with the viewers. I was in happy spirits about the show at the of this. A-


Monologue: Okay, first off...let John Goodman alone!! If he wants to do cameo's so be it! I think he is hilarious and great! So, I hope he keeps coming back. I liked this because it was more of a sketch than Alec just standing there saying stupid things. Jimmy Falloon was awesome! Still in good spirits. A


NBA on NBC Commerical: Stupid, stupid, stupid! And I'm not even a basketball fan..so you would think I would enjoy this because there is no basketball on TV. Spirits diminishing. C-


Morning Latte: I love this sketch, normally, but this one was just dumb. I didn't fine any good laughs and was really disappointed that Baldwin was the producer and not Kattan. I thought it needed major help! Spirits filtering out. D


Cassidy the Clown: At first I thought this sketch was great. Then I got to thinking how sick it was. I thought it was just sick and wrong. Spirits completely gone...getting annoyed. D-


Call Collect Commerical: This was quite funny. I especially enjoyed the Moody Blues section of the long number since I'm a Moody Blues fan. Otherwise, they just said the number too many times. It got annoying, but then again, I suppose that was the point :) Spirits slowly lifting. B+


Pavarotti/Williams: I love the song and the boy's choir. I thought Williams was awful and not only that she looked TERRIBLE! Yuck! And Pavarotti just looked sick..and after reading about his behavior on the show I didn't care too much for him. Spirits dropping. C+


Weekend Update: What was with Colin's monologue before actually sitting down at the desk?? I was annoyed and stopped paying attention because it got so boring. The song..well, I shouldn't even comment. I thought it was just DUMB!! They should've had Jimmy Falloon sing something like Adam Sandler used to do. Spirits completely gone...very pissed off at SNL. F


Delicious Dish: I laughed my ass off in this sketch and was happy to see it return to the Christmas sketches the next week. Even though it was funny and hilarious, it still doesn't make up for the rest of the show overall. Spirits rising a little. A


Impeachment Hearings: Didn't we see this last week?? Boring, tired of it. And I just don't know about any of those men Will Ferrell, Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell portrayed..let alone who Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan portrayed. I don't understand why O.J. Simpson made an appearance..hello! that's kinda old. I didn't like this one bit. Now that the show is almost over..my spirits no where to be found..about to turn off the television. D-


Hymns Commerical: It was bad, bad, bad. Had to lower the sound on this one..the sing was awful, although I do understand that was the point, but geez!!! This one was cut from the Vince Vaughn episode, cheap shot they put it in this one..probably to fill space! Mad, mad, mad spirits. D-


Bill Brasky: This sketch put me in a tailspin. What the hell was it!! I thought is was gross and immature and just plain awful. I can't believe they ended last episode of 1998 on that crap!! I was just to pissed off to even watch the closing credits! Very disappointed in SNL for giving us a crappy last episode. F-


*one note...I was very upset as well that the Mango sketch was cut! CK happens to be my favorite SNL cast member..so cutting the Mango sketch was definitely not a good choice!!!

I hope to hell January 9th is a little remotely better than this episode!!!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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