Joan Allen / Jewel
November 14, 1998

Opening-Song was ok. B


Mono-Liked Steppenwolf thing. B


Fake Change Ad-Not that funny. D


Martha Stewart-Loved her mom yelling and cutting on her. They really should do a longer skit with this, Martha Stewart is such an easy target. Ana does a great job. A


V-H1-dumb. F


Mississippi Courtroom-Talking with Suel all over again. Not very funny.C


Space Frontier-ok. B


Weekend Update- Pretty blah except for Collette and her pills. Only wish she would have brought Mellencamp into it like usual. A (for her)


Jewel-Ok I guess. B


Learning with Jennifer Tilly-Funny. "You were in the movie Nixon." "Now what was that about?" Good French Stewart impression. A


Southern Gals in New York-Love them. "Let's everybody vote" "New York rats are great." A


Jewel-Ok . B


Tarmac Talk-sorta funny and good Seinfeld impression. B


Overall,better than last weeks. Not as good as the first two of the season though.

Episode Review written by Maria

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