Joan Allen / Jewel
November 14, 1998

[OPENING] Clinton and Gingrich prove opposites attract:

Well, I think that Chris Farley did a better Newt Gingrich, but I guess that couldn't be helped. I thought the song was pretty cool, but the kissing thing really grossed me out. I give it a B.


[MONOLOGUE] Joan Allen

I thought this was prety boring. The only cool part was when they sang. I give it a C.


[COMMERCIAL] Jenson Mint Fake Change

I am always impressed with their commercials. i was unaware that they could have the middle finger in the show. I love when they do risky things. I give it a B+


[COMMERCIAL] Martha Stewart Living Promo

I think Ana does an excellent impression of Martha Stewart, but the sketch usually bores me. Some of the things with the mother broke the monotony, but It still wasn't that great. I give it a B-


[SKETCH] VH-1 Spirituality Awards

I thought this was an excellent sketch. I love the Courtney Love impression. Was that Jimmy Fallon doing Marylin Manson? I love Jimmy Fallon. Joan did a pretty good Madonna. That was great when will ferrel was Jesus and he said that he didn't need to look in the letter because he was omnicient. I give this sketch an A-


[SKETCH] Suel in the Courtroom

This has to be one of the only Chris Kattan sketches that I can stand. He is very funny in this sketch I found myself laughing, and I was very to see John Goodman do a surprise appearance. I give this an A-


[SKETCH] Space te Infinite Frontier with Harry Carey

I love the sketches with Harry Carey. Will Ferrel does such a great impression of him. I thought that they were going to do some nice tribute to his death, but instead all that Joan said was "Aren't you dead?". It was pretty funny though. I give it an A


[WEEKEND UPDATE] With Colin Quinn

This is usually the part of the show where I fall asleep, and my friends have to wake me up. I learned my lesson this time and had a lot of coffee. I actually stayed awake through it. That doesn't make it good though, it just means that I was under the influence of Caffeine. I give this and every other Colin Quinn Update a D. This is not counting the correspondants.



I like her new album, although she is looking like quite the bus station skank. I was in a room full of guys and I didn't hear any complaints. All in all I like it. I give it an A.


[SKETCH] LEARNING With Jennifer Tilly

I have to say that Cheri Oteri does not do a good impression of Jennifer Tilly at all. It was a pretty dumb sketch until Jimmy Fallonslid to the rescue. I loved his French Stewart impression. He was so right on. But then again, he hasn't let me down yet. I give it a B. It wouldv'e been a C+ had it not been for Jimmy.


[SKETCH] New York is Great

New York may be great, but this sketch was not. I didn't like it at all. The only all female sketches that I like are The View sketches. At least we got to see Jimmy Fallon ask for Pepper. I give it a C



I also like this song that she sings. She did a very good job. I give her an A-


[SKETCH] Tarmac Talk

This would have been dumb had it not been for - guess who - Jimmy Fallon doing a Jerry Seinfeld impression. Well, he does it well becuse I am impressed. I love Jimmy Fallon. He Made the Sketch. I give it a B+. It would have been a C- had it not been for Jimmy.

Episode Review written by Lisa Esquenazi

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