Joan Allen / Jewel
November 14, 1998

Ferrell and Parnell were hilarious in the opening sketch. It was well written, but their juicy kiss at the end was quite disgusting!


Allen's monologue was very entertaining...but only because of the part that Ferrell played. He provided most of the laughs for me.


The first commercial parody was hysterically funny! It was well written and acted out greeeeat!!


Allen and Gasteyer kicked major ass in the Martha Stewart Living promo. It was a good idea and both women played their parts well.


The VH-1 Spirituality awards were probably the highlight of my evening. Every actor who participated in this sketch was hilarious. Jesus was especially good.


Suel in the courtroom GREAT. Kattan has definitley taken on as a true nutcase. He looked and sounded absolutely hilarious.


The Harry Caray sketch was really funny, but I was with Linda Ham in thinking it was awkward looking at a dead guy. But Ferrell is pretty damn funny.


Quinn''s weekend update was good as usual.. That man is amazing. If anyone boos one of his jokes, he knows how to dig himself out of a hole and win a lot of laughs.


Now this is just my personal opinion, but Jewel sucked badly. She sounded like a goat and she looked ridiculous trying to squeeze into that mini skirt with those chunky legs.


Oteri rocked in the Jennifer Tilly sketch. It was acted out well by all three. Fallon's impersonation of French Stewart was amazing.


Those 4 ladies were just greeeeeeeeeat!!!! Those sketches are always very entertaining.


All in all it was a pretty good episode, but Joan Allen didn't have much of an impact on me.

Episode Review written by Caroline

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