Joan Allen / Jewel
November 14, 1998

OPENING] Clinton and Gingrich prove opposites attract

Thought it would be another one of those lame Clinton sketches that we're all getting sick of. The song was a nice suprise! Added "spice". B+


[MONOLOGUE] Joan Allen

Slept through this one, what was I suppossed to do, laugh? F


[COMMERCIAL] Jenson Mint Fake Change

Loved it! Original idea and loved how they spun it around and the whole nine yards! A-


[COMMERCIAL] Marth Stewart Living promo

What was this? I thought it would be cool to have the mom on, but nothing developed from it. D


[SKETCH] VH-1 Spirituality Awards

This was awesome! Chris Kattan lived up to his name as Andy DIck. I loved how they put spiritual people with criminals. I got a kick out of it! A-


[SKETCH] Suel in the courtroom

Once again, Chris Kattan has a great costume at least. The gibberish talk was funny at first, but was old after a couple minutes. Good to see John Goodman though. B


[SKETCH] Space the Infinite Frontier with Harry Caray

What was the point of this one. Will's looking like an idiot for nothing, because I'm sure no one thought it was funny!


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Colin's a pretty good anchor. I know there have been better, but he's doing an Okay job.



I like this song, unlike most of Jewel's song. And did you check out those shoes? They were awesome.


[SKETCH] LEARNING with Jennifer Tilly

This was all out lame. Good scenery, bad acting by Cheri. (Or bad writing, but I wasn't interested enough to decipher which it was) Jimmy pulled this one through with his French Stewart impression. He was on the nose! C


[SKETCH] New York is greeeaaat!

Hilarious! Maybe a little too Close to the truth though! I don't know what else to say, but it was GREAAAAT! A



Didn't like this song that much. Still dig the shoes though. C+


[SKETCH] Tarmac Talk

Very cool idea. Should've expanded it out a little more though. Jimmy did another exact impression of Jerry Sienfield. Is anyone else starting to find that he is REALLY cute? (Not Seinfield, Jimmy) B+


Nice show. I got more than I expected out of Allen, but I don't know what exactly I expected. Better luck next week I hope!

Episode Review written by Camber Agrelius

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