Joan Allen / Jewel
November 14, 1998

[OPENING] Clinton and Gingrich prove opposites attract- This was a great opening, the whole idea was great, and unlike some skits the idea was well portrayed. I didn't really like the uh, kiss at the end because im not really like that-8/10


[MONOLOGUE] Joan Allen-a good monolouge nothing great though-7/10


[COMMERCIAL] Jenson Mint Fake Change-this is one of the best ads theyve had this year, but it was one of the only commericals that was on the show tonight-9/10


[COMMERCIAL] Marth Stewart Living promo-this was a commercial? oh well it kicked ass-9/10


[SKETCH] VH-1 Spirituality Awards-this was also hilarious ecspecially when Christ was going to open the envolepe and then he said "i don't need to open this i am all-knowing"-10/10


[SKETCH] Suel in the courtroom-i forget this one sorry


[SKETCH] Space the Infinite Frontier with Harry Caray-this was really only funny because of the charecter of Harry Caray, and the fact that he is dead-6/10


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn-the best update of the year, sure it wasnt perfect but the jokes were great, but as usual Quinn was tripping over some of the words which really screwed up the jokes and i can never get used to that but i loved some of the jokes-8/10


[MUSICAL GUEST] Jewel-well from 1 jewel song i heard a few years ago, i just assumed she was going to suck so i muted this i didn't see any rocking going on so i assumed it was more of that soft-rock hippie sxht-0/10


[SKETCH] LEARNING with Jennifer Tilly-this was also a very funny skit my favorite part was the etch-a-sktech that she couldnt understand also the guests were great-8/10


[SKETCH] New York is greeeaaat!-this got semi-tetious but still had its moments-6/10


[MUSICAL GUEST] Jewel-jewel probably sucks her mother-0/10


[SKETCH] Tarmac Talk-this was pretty cool the whole idea was funny and pointless and seeing Tim Meadows holding on to the pole for his life was great-8/10


overall-this was one of the best episodes of the year, in my opinon this, David Spade, and Cameron Diaz were the best episodes so far, this had a great update the first of its kind for a while but was short on commercials, oh well its rare enough to have a good update that i shouldnt complain about anything else-8/10

Episode Review written by O9MMFailur

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