Scott Wolf / Natalie Imbruglia
March 7, 1998

OPENING---Norm was excellent as usual as Larry King. The premise of the skit was great and they did a great job of poking fun at all the president's scandals rather than the one they have been beating into the ground over the last few episodes. 8 out of 10


MONOLOGUE---I did not know who Scott Wolf was before this monologue. Hammond, Breuer, and Oteri were great as they yelled from the audience. One of the better ideas for a monologue in some time. 8 out of 10


MARY CATHERINE---An excellent skit. Ferrell was great. Shannon always runs away with this character. Some excellent falls as well. 8 out of 10


CELINE DION SHOW---Loved Gasteyer's accent in this sketch. A good premise. Oteri did a great Mariah Carey. Well-timed appearance by Tim Meadows. 8 out of 10


PARTY OF FIVE---Might have appreciated this sketch more had I been familiar with the real show. I liked Tracy Morgan's part. 5 out of 10


WEEKEND UPDATE---An above average showing for Colin Quinn. It wasn't as good as it previous weeks, but funny enough material to keep it from bombing. The highlight was Jim Breuer's portrayal of a heavy metal singer. He seemed to enjoy it a great deal and I hope to see this character again. 7 out of 10


MUSICAL GUEST---I did not watch this performance.


RE-ENACTMENT AWARDS---An original idea, but I didn't find the material very funny and the sketch went on a bit too long. Hammond did a great Robert Stack impersonation, however. 3 out of 10


EASTLAKE CHEERLEADERS---I liked the idea behind this sketch. I thought it was one of the better cheerleader skits in a while. 8 out of 10


ISSUES---Breuer is excellent in this sketch, and playing a stoner in Half Baked no doubt helped him with this particular role. I thought Scott Wolf did a good job as well. 8 out of 10


LOST DEEP THOUGHTS---This was a very good one and the punch line was excellent. 8 out of 10


COLLEGE SINGERS---I thought this sketch was the best of the night. A very good idea with great performances. Those who have been to college will also notice that this sketch is not far from the truth. 10 out of 10


BREATH SPRAY PLUS---This was not very good overall, though there were some funny lines. 3 out of 10


OVERALL---I did not know what to expect from Scott Wolf, but he did a great job with the parts he was given. This episode was definitely my favorite so far during the second half of the season. I am glad they finally laid off the Presidential scandal for the most part. Most of sketches were above average this week, and there were great sketches throughout the night. 7 out of 10

Episode Review written by Kevin LaPorte

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