Sylvester Stallone / Jamiroquai
September 27, 1997

I work early Sunday mornings, so I'll be watching "Saturday Night" Taped for a while! Nevertheless, I tuned into some of "SNL" off of the New Orleans' NBC station's radio simulcast, and I had some great laughs just listening to the sketches. I've viewed the taped brodcast, and I loved it. Most of it. One or two sketches were slow, but the rest was terrific ... almost a reminder of the 1995 season.


[OPENING] Oprah's Book Club

I loved Norm's Marv Albert impression, and Tracy Morgan's Mike Tyson tie-in was expected and demanded. Marv's pizza mistake was funny, especially, "Normally, a pizza doesn't give me a FULL erection!" His fiancee Heather and their close friend Rod. At first I was stumped as to why Tim Meadows continues to do Oprah, but this was much better than that Book Club sketch last season.

Grade: B



I liked the new montage. The photos were great, the theme was great, and the color bars seemed reflective of that Ed Sullivan commercial that came on during one of the breaks. Even Rob Smigel was put in the credits, with his collage of cartoon characters representing his genius!


[MONOLOGUE] Sylvester Stallone

Stallone tries to do a serious monlogue, but Mickey (Breuer) wants him to be Rocky again. Tracy Morgan's Mr. T was great, too! Chris Kattan as Adrian was also a highlight.

Grade: B


[COMMERCIAL] Assjet Xerox

Will Ferrell demonstrates a copy machine which gives a perfect copy of one's ass. Will's becoming some sort of a commercaial parody spokesman, isn't he? Big Brawn, Disposable Toilet, BugOff. It's reminiscient of Dan Aykroyd. The copy machine was funny, but I hope to see better in the season ahead.

Grade: B-


[SKETCH] Rita Delvechio

I'm glad she's not just yelling at the kids anymore. This sketch is funnier when it has others participating, and doesn't just serve as a solo sketch for Cheri. Stallone was great as her husband, and the car alarm was funny ("Get away from the freakin' car!"). Molly was great, as usual, and the double housecoat gag was unexpected. The line about going to see Frank Stallone, not Sinatra, in Atlantic City was the best of the sketch!

Grade: B+


[SKETCH] Car accident victim bad-mouths Stallone movies

Norm MacDonald's car gets in a wreck, so Stallone rushes to help him out. Instead, he gets ridiculed for his majority of low-rated films. I thought the concept was brilliant, though I wonder why Norm is clutching a porno movie as he dies? Is that why he lost control of his car, too busy holding a porno movie with one hand? Ay any rate, the "Over the Top" custody battle smear was hilarious: "No arm-wrestling in Kramer vs. Kramer!"

Grade: A-


[SKETCH] Roxbury Guys

I anticipated Stallone becoming a Roxbury Guy. Others anticipated him as a bouncer pelting the Guys. Both anticipations were met. Sly did pelt Chris Kattan, who shrugged it off! My favorite was watching Stallone start to pelt the woman he was dancing with. The raw egg drink was unusual, too. Fairly decent Rocky parody.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] Janet Reno decides whether or not to investigate Clinton

She didn't crash through any doors, which lost the sketch appeal. The taped portions of Janet in the tub were funny, and Hammond's Clinton is excellent as always, but this sketch seemed to bomb severely. Nothing against Will, but use Janet Reno wisely. Don't waste her on a sketch like this. Don't feel pressured to do Reno every week, Will.

Grade: D


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio: Casablanca Outtakes

Bogart farting got kind of old quick, but allowing the fart to start the plane from afar was a nice touch. PS to SNL: farting only funny to first-graders. Anyone out of high school is not likely to cut a fart in front of others with hopes of making them laugh. Watching it on TV doesn't make it any funnier. Rob: any Real Audio from Diana's funeral. If there's a parody of that to be made, you're the man to touch upon it!

Grade: C+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Some of the jokes were alright. The medical joke about crack babies being as happy as regular babies ("you'd think they'd be happier") was funny. I acknowledge Ana Gasteyer has a great voice, but only the Fiona Snapple joke really went anywhere with me. I thought the song was funny in terms of style, only some lyrics were funny. Appearance by Richard Jewell was really funny. Was an "SNL" appearance part of his negotiation from NBC? "I want to appear on 'Saturday Night Live.'" "Sure, Richard, anything you want. Please don't sue us again!"

Grade: C


[MUSICAL GUEST] Jamiroquai

I don't really like Jamiroquai, but this song was okay. It sounded a little to "disco-ish" for my liking though.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10


[SKETCH] Computer Store

The sketch was funny, although the ending was a bit perplexing. Stallone telling Will the computer was only for gays was funny, and the part about the computer that gives you food (vending machine) was a highlight of this after-"Update" sketch.

Grade: B



Lost? I hope Jack Handey finds some of those Fuzzy Memories in the same box these lost Deep Thoughts are. I say alternate them each week. The mummy/mosquito joke was okay. These look dumb on paper, but Handey's delivery always gives me a smile: "Forget it, friend."

Grade: B+


[SKETCH] Planet Hollywood

This was dumb. Breuer and Morgan are fans of "Rocky" and "Rambo," but Stallone doesn't want to rehash those roles. The funny part was the fight which ended up in the papers, with Breuer and Morgan as new partners in the Planet Hollywood franchise.

Grade: D


[SKETCH] Lou's Lovely Daughters

Touching, sad, funny. Great premise, good performances by the girls as Stallone's daughters, as Daddy puts them on cable access and looks for husbands for them. Funniest line by Cheri: "Daddy, I have hair on MY chest.." Also, Ana is pregnant, so Stallone says, "Be a man, son, join the family. See, she's been on ONE date!"

Grade: B


[COMMERCIAL] Elton John's Tributes to Other Dead Celebrities

Cut off in New Orleans, but I was thinking about this as a potential sketch myself ... Elton John rewrites other old songs as tributes to dead people. What's with that "Candle in the Wind" song, by the way? To be honest, I thought it sucked when it was about Marilyn Monroe. Anyway, I would have liked to see what other songs were "rewritten" and for who. Will Ferrell did not make a convincing Elton John for my money. This would have been perfect for Mark McKinney, no?

Grade: C-



Not bad for a season premiere. It was very exciting to look forward to, and I hope next week with Matthew Perry is as much fun. I honestly didn't expect much from Stallone, but I had a great time watching him and was surprised at his comic ability!"

Grade: B-

Episode Review written by Patrick Lonergan

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