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October 4, 1997

[OPENING] Spartan Cheerleader wanna-bees Craig & Arianna

This vomit provoking sketch is no way to start an "SNL" episode. Craig and Arianna are the most annoying characters in "SNL" history and cater to a teeny-bopper pre-pubescent crowd! (excuse the spelling) This was absolutely not funny and the cheerleaders should never be done again on "SNL"!

Grade: F


[MONOLOGUE] Matthew Perry

Lame, to say the least. The pre-recorded bit in the fountains (fountain) was sad and it's humor was clearly aimed at the teeny boppers! Perry came across okay, but he is no Steve Martin, he's not even Malcolm McDowell!

Grade: D+


[COMMERCIAL] Cookie Dough Sport Drink

Cute, and it did have it's moments, but hardly what I call a good commercial parody! It reminded me of the crystal gravy commercial done a few years back. The "SNL" writers need a crash course in commercial parodies. The show hasn't produced a funny one in 5 or 6 years.

Grade C-


[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy

This sketch was well done the first time it was done about a year ago, but is getting old. It is the same joke over and over and lacks originality. With the exception of Hammond's impersonations, the rest of them were weak. Yes, we know the point of the sketch is to show how dumb the celebrities really are, but I think the writers also prove how dumb they are each week on "SNL"! Could have been a lot funnier. Maybe "Celebrity Jeopardy" could be done next week with the impersonations of Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, and Marv Albert. That would be hilarious!

Grade: C-


[SKETCH] Sarcasm 101

Good idea, but it was not funny and was drawn out way too long. Why is it that the unfunny sketches are always the longest?

Grade: D


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

Tim Meadows showed his effeminate side, and does a good job with it, but the humor was predictable and I have seen better ideas on public access. It was a trashy skit and lacked originality. It was a cheap attempt at capitalizing on perverted sex jokes.

Grade: D


[SKETCH] Space the Infinite Frontier with Harry Caray

I must admit, I do like Will Ferrell's Harry Caray impersonation. It is ruthless and well done. The idea surrounding the sketch, as well as the writing, was weak, but Ferrell saved the sketch. What would be funnier though would be Harry Caray leading an A.A. meeting. That would be more appropriate.

Grade C+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Another poor performance by Norm MacDonald. Quick, could someone bring back Charles Rocket! At least when he bombed it was funny! A few good jokes, but I was unimpressed. ("SNL" should hire Craig Kilbourn to do "Weekend Update," Norm is getting old fast. I'm not a big Kilbourn fan, but at least it's smooth and funny)

Grade: D



Good performance.

Grade: B-


[SKETCH] MTV News: Goat Boy press conference

Goat Boy is annoying and should retire along with the cheerleaders. Gasteyer's character, Kincaid, should be shot as well. Some funny moments, but it is still a sad idea for a recurring character.

Grade: D-


[COMMERCIAL] The Kevin Franklin Show promo

Good idea, but not funny. A take off on "Vibe" and and the "Keenan Ivory Wayans" show. Meadows' impersonation was good.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] "Friends"

The impersonations were unfunny and this sketch was very lame and was too long. Matthew Perry snapping at that no-talent Colin Quinn was funny. How did Quinn ever get on "SNL"?

Grade: D



Cute idea and the effects were well done, but the plot could have been much better. The funniest moment was when the Clinton puppet touched the breast of the woman after he was rescued. Overall, they should go back to the animation. What was good about this sketch was they they attempted something original.

Grade: C



Grade: B-


[SKETCH] Good Morning with Liza

I've seen better TV parodies. Not funny. Still better than Goat Boy and the Cheerleaders.

Grade: D


[COMMERCIAL] The Kevin Franklin Show promo 2

Why was their a need for a second one?

Grade: D+



Another disappointing and unfunny "SNL." I really hate to see "SNL" die like this. I know some of you think that this current version of the show is good, but I don't see it. There's potential, but it hasn't been utilized with this cast in the three years now that they have all been there. It's a combination of bad writing, a laid back producer, and a cast that can't carry or hide the weak writing. What NBC needs to do is take "SNL" off until January, fire Lorne Michaels and ask Dick Ebersol if he will do the show again, or someone like him. They need a new cast, band, and set. There should only be 6 or 7 in the cast as opposed to 10-15, and they should hire established comedians like David Alan Grier, Jim Morris, and Craig Kilborn. I would keep Darrell Hammond too, but that's it. The rest of the cast they can find from comedy clubs and through the audition process. That's what should be done, but it never will be because they're content in the mediocrity and appealing to the teeny-bopper crowd. If they don't, than "SNL" will continue to produce unoriginal and stale episodes like this one.

Grade: D+

Episode Review written by Maddog

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