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October 4, 1997

Before I start, I wanted to know: Did anyone else hear, at the beginning of the Rita Delvechio (I think that's how it's spelled) sketch on the Sly show last week, right before Rita started the sketch, a voice came out of nowhere and said, "All Right"? If you have a tape of it (I've taped it every week for 13 years, and I didn't catch it until a week and a half had passed), you may want to check it and see. Anyway ...


Overall Rating:


[OPENING] Spartan Cheerleader wanna-bees Craig & Arianna

An amusing sketch, albeit the premise having been ground into the earth. I liked the fact that they broke into the gym to practice. Plus the fact that it was the first time (and certainly about time) that they opened the show. "We're on a caffeine high, so hold on tight, Live From New York It's Saturday Night!"

Rated: GE CA



I should have done this last week,but never got around to reviewing the season premiere. I bring it up for two reasons: No.1: I'm glad the "SNL" Band has an actual PHOTO in the opening this year, instead of just a clip of Lenny playing the sax. No.2: I was disappointed by the 100% lack of Band coverage on this week's show. Not one video byte before commercials! Not one!

Rated: GE C for Montage, G for Band Coverage During The Show


[MONOLOGUE] Matthew Perry

This should have been last week's monologue. He wasn't dorky, he wasn't not funny, and he did something that usually only Conan O' Brian does: interact with real people. The actual dance in the fountain seemed to go on too long, but it was good anyway.

Rated: GE CAF


[COMMERCIAL] Cookie Dough Sport Drink

I like cookie dough. It was a nice idea, but it doesn't surpass my personal favorite commercial, "Monster Trucks And Funny Cars On SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!" from the '97 David Alan Grier show. That one got a perfect rating.

Rated: GE C


[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy

Very funny, but not quite as good as the John Goodman "Jeopardy!". Micheal Keaton was possibly the worst impression I have ever seen on "SNL," Burt was cool, and I see that Hammond can do an okay John Travolta.

Rated: GE CA


[SKETCH] Sarcasm 101

Surely a surprise sketch, this one gets the Originality Award! A sketch like this can only be done once, and that's the way it should be. Think back to '95, the David Hyde Pierce show, there was a funny sketch about high school kids who used song lyrics for poems. "She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I ever seen."

Rated: GE CA


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

I've been wondering why there hasn't been much of Tim Meadows on the show the last couple of years, and now I know why. Sweet Jesus, did this sketch have a point? It started out promising, but wandered off onto a forgotten back road, and eventually wound up at a dead-end. This is the kind of sketch that makes you ponder what the 30 sketch ideas that are trashed every week are like.

Rated: G


[SKETCH] Space the Infinite Frontier with Harry Caray

I had to suffer through this sketch. It became apparent to me that Matthew Perry probably said during the the writers meeting on Wednesday, "I want to be in a Harry Carey sketch, just like Jeff Goldblum, even though I would suck at it!" And they said,"Sure, there's nothing else good,why not?".

Rated: GE


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

It was short and sweet, the way I like it. Not to say I don't like his guests, but lately all he has had is cameos from celebrities. i.e. Kerry Strug, Howard Stern, Richard Jewell, Dennis Rodman, etc.

Rated: GE CA



I was expecting a "spontaneous" act of sibling rivalry onstage from the Gallagher Bros., but, even though it was mind-numbing, I could tell they were doing a good job. You would be amazed at how many bands suck onstage compared to a controlled recording studio.

Rated: GE CA


[SKETCH] MTV News: Goat Boy press conference

I love Kincaid (Ana's impression of, I mean), and even though it's usually overkill, this one had just the right amount of Kincaid. As for Goat Boy, as usual, the fine mix of the Roxbury Guy's subtle humor and Will Ferrell's remarkably annoying Harry Carey, combined with "I am very sexy!" Julio Ignois or whatever his name is, is a very eye-pleasing sketch. Too bad the attention to detail was missing (The sketch opened with MTV News, why didn't it end with MTV News?).

Rated: GE CA


[COMMERCIAL] The Kevin Franklin Show promo

Right on the head. I HATE it when someone claims to have a new talk show that's different and better then the 10,000 that preceded it. "We're gonna come out and talk right to the audience, and we'll call it a monologue!" This makes up for Tim's earlier sketch, "The Ladies Man," by 100%!

Rated: GE CAF


[SKETCH] "Friends"

This is a landmark sketch. It wasn't funny in ways that sketches haven't been not funny before. It seemed like something Woody Allen would write. Coincidentally, Matt Perry does a Woody Allen impression later in the show.

Rated: G



This is funny, only if you've seen the cheesy puppet show they're making fun of, which I have.

Rated: GE CAF



Same as Musical Guest #1.

Rated: GE CA


[SKETCH] Good Morning with Liza

I always forgive the 10 to 1:00 sketch, because "SNL" admits themselves that it's almost never good, so I'll spare the bad rating.


[COMMERCIAL] The Kevin Franklin Show promo 2

Very good add-on to the first Kevin Franklin Show commercial. Love the touch of "Finding Faith." "It won't be a party. Legally I can't even be around a party.".

Rated: GE CAF


[CLOSING] Matthew Perry / Oasis

Anyone notice the peculiar cut-off at the end of this show?

Rated: GE



Well,this one barely makes the grade,by default,with a ...

Good Show/GE CA

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