Julianne Moore / Backstreet Boys
March 14, 1998

Overview: After a few threshhold talents in Roma Downey and Sarah Michelle Gellar SNL gets an undeniably wonderful actress, Julianne Moore and with the Oscar nom for Boogie Nights it was going to be interesting to see hoe she did the show; safe sketches or edgy ones? As for the musical guest.....ah....no comment.


Opening:One of the best things was seeing the cast break character("Are you Daryl Hammond?") with lifted up another delightful send-up of Zippergate. B-


Monolog: My big problem with this is that Cheri Oteri played Gloria Stuart like she is in movie- frail and weak. (I assume you all know what film I'm taling about) Listen, I've seen her on talk shows and she has an able mind and lots of youthful energy so this just didn't ring true. Hell, it didn't even ring plausible. C


Delicious Dish: A little weirder then I'm used to but otherwise good. B+


Ladies Man: I'm not sure if Tim Meadows is coming back next season(this is his 8th I think) but if not, he sure is going out with a bang. B+


Misc: Deniro! Rolling Stones! Tease! This is even more brilliant when you consider some people in the newsgroup actually thought it was true. A


Barbara Walters: I'm sure Moore is taking it as a good sign for her Oscar nod that they're having her do Titanic-related skits.(BTW KIm Basinger won for LA Confidential.) C+


Deep Thoughts: More subpeona schtick. B-


Weekend Update: Subpeona this. D


Backstreet Boys: I didn't like the New Kids on the Block in '88 and I certainly don't like them now. F


Pretty Living: Delicious Dish redux. Seeing as we've sen the original this show we don't need the knock-off. D


Misc(2): More of the subpeona thing. C


Art Class: The last few seconds were dumb but I liked it anyway although some people might find it tasteless. B-


TV Funhouse: Schoolhouse Rock parody. Hit and Miss. C


Liza: ANOTHER talk show sketch? C


Go Lords: Didn't even watch. THE WORST NEW IDEA THIS YEAR BY FAR. F


Bible Salesman: An average ending to an aveage show. C-


Overall: Despite a strong start the show quickly collapsed into mediocrity. Coincidentally it started dipping after the Backstreet Boys took the stage.


Episode Review written by Michael Keith Goodman

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