Michael Keith Goodman: The Man Behind the Reviews

Michael Keith Goodman was born and that's all he's willing to admit to right now other then his near obsessive love of Winona Ryder, or, as he calls her, the Goddess who walks amongst us mere mortals. If you want to know anymore about him you have to promise him that you're not connected with any law enforcement agency anywhere.

Michael had watched "SNL" sporadically over the years without it ever making a real impression. This is probably due to the fact that Channel 47 showed dirty Italian movies and in sex vs. comedy there really is no challenge. Eventually, however, the movies were moved to 1 A.M. timeslot and he suddenly found a two hour block in his television viewing schedule. At this time he discovered the genius of Dennis Miller and has been a devotee of "SNL" ever since and has now seen virtually every episode. In the last five years he has only missed one broadcast of "Saturday Night".

His favorite "SNLer" of all time is Bill Murray and in the current cast he favors Tim Meadows. Other cast members he remains fond of are: Laraine Newman, Christopher Guest, Robin Duke(oy.), Victoria Jackson, and the previously mentioned Dennis Miller. He is hard pressed to pick an absolute favorite show but he is inclined to pick any of Buck Henry's efforts. The host and musical guest he liked best, respectively, are Candice Bergen and Nirvana. Among the skits those on top of his list are "King Tut" and the word association game from the Richard Pryor program.

Of course, there are bad things about "SNL" too. He feels Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' work was vastly overrated and Adam Sandler and Chris Farley had started to get on his nerves towards the end of their runs. He also considers Dick Ebersole to be something akin to Beezlebub. For worst all time show Michael selects the Nancy Kerrigan show. While it was sort-of funny he remains upset that such a negligible talent was even considered. Michael declines to name a specific musical act he dislikes but he has no love for Mariah Carey, Anne Murray, or Captain Beefhart. As for what doesn't thrill him about the current season Michael hesitates to begin such a long list but he feels, like a lot of people, that the cast is too large and overburdened with stand-ups with no real acting ability to drive bad sketches forward.

In general, Michael continues to watch "SNL" because he knows it will get better, if not quite to the level of the first three years or so of its history. Michael, by the way, is clinically insane, and if he were a dog he would be shot for being rabid and writing in third person.

A Note For Michael's Critics

"I respond to all e-mails but the ones calling me an idiot and nothing more are getting annoying. I welcome all criticism(and kudos!) but responding to two line complaints are getting exasperating. If you think I'm wrong tell me why. I didn't shoot your parents, kick your dog, or play Nelson's last album; I just said something really underwhelmed me, okay? I put thought into everything I write so why don't you? Otherwise we're just proving Darwin wrong."

- Michael Keith Goodman

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