Jon Lovitz / Jane's Addiction
November 8, 1997


I decided to wait with this one to see others peoples reactions. So you know, this is kind of the rebuttal to the reviews written by Mr. Clark and Mr. Goodman.


[OPENING] Bill Gates takes over the airwaves

Good to see Clinton back. Sorry to say, but Kattan does an awful Bill Gates. McKinney did the absolute greatest Gates to date. Why, Mr. Goodman, are you so negative?

Grade: B


[MONOLOGUE] Jon Lovitz

Just another monologue. It was good to hear ACTING! Too bad there was no one to say GENIUS! The song was okay. I agree with my two colleagues.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] Fred the Baker's final Dunkin' Donuts commercial

Bahhh, too mediocre. Lovitz did his best with pretty bad material.

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] Larry King's Wedding Reception

Rambled on and on. Lovitz's Dennis Franz was pretty good. My spirits brightened when Carvey came in. It really saved this skit.

Grades: B


[SKETCH] Win a Year with Jewel in the Alaskan Wilderness

Yes, well, we know that Ana can sing. God, this dragged on. I really wanted Lovitz to tackle Ana ... would have made this better.

Grade: C


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun with Real Audio

Damn it, about time. Funny, funny funny.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

Yesss!! What a great skit. I was very happy to see that they didn't just do the same thing as last time. Delta Burke, yeach!

Grade: A


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Same old, same old.

Grade: B


[MUSICAL GUEST] Jane's Addiction

My only frame of reference for them is Perry Farrell's other freak show, Porno For Pyros. I found this enjoyable on that basis.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Late Show with David Letterman

Good to see him back. Lovitz sucked as Marv Albert! A good attempt.

Grade: B



Ahh, not his best.

Grade: B


[MISCELLANEOUS] Colin Quinn Explains The New York Times

Not too bad. Some of the jokes were funny. Like the Jets-Giants joke. Hope to see this again. True, Quinn may not be the best actor, but he tries pretty damn hard.

Grade: B


[SKETCH] The Robin Byrd Show

God, this was dumb. And yet, funny. Odd ...

Grade: B


[SKETCH] Celebrities record Set Our Nanny Free

This was just great. The wonderful talents of this great cast was showcased in this song. Mr. Goodman, you are dead wrong. This is one of the greatest casts in the history of "SNL." Ranking right up there with the great Myers-Carvey years, and back with Aykroyd-Murray. And, I might add, this has been one of the best seasons to date. The fact that this is the worst episode this year, and that is wasn't all that bad, says something about the future of "SNL." Yes, it will turn 25, maybe even hit 30. To all fellow episode reviewers out there, it's easy to sit on our asses and say if an episode is good or bad, but it's something else entirely to try and get on stage and make people laugh. I have been there, and sometimes, tears are easier to get than laughs. I have said my piece, and if anybody disagrees with me, too damn bad, got it buddy? Oh, yeah, this skit gets an ...

Grade: A

Episode Review written by Brad Delzer

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