Nathan Lane / Metallica
December 6, 1997


opening, one of the better for the year. With the exception of the "Baby Jessica" part, it was great. GRADE: B+


MONOLOGUE: Pretty good. It was kind of long. Singing "Hakuna Matata" was a good idea. GRADE: B+


COMMERCIAL (CHESS FOR GIRLS): Really lame commercials like that sincerely do not belong on SNL. Also, can't other cast members besides Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon be used. they are always in the commercials. GRADE: F


CRAIG AND ARIANNA'S SPARTAN CHEERLEADING DREAM: Despite that the cheer's are beccoming a little weaker each time these character's air, Ferrell & Oteri shined again as Craig & Arianna. The Cowboys' Cheerleaders were a great addition to the skit. Best of the night. GRADE: A


THE QUIET STORM WITH CHRIS GARNETT: I've always thought this sketch was just OK. While Meadows did a nice job, it's time to retire the "Quiet Storm". GRADE: C


SISTER WENDY BECKETT'S ART ODYESSY: Bad. Boring. Not funny. Not tasteful. GRADE: D-


THE HISTORY OF VAUDEVILLE (MINORITY SONGS): The minority songs were lame and not funny. GRADE: D+


WEEKEND UPDATE WITH NORM MacDONALD: One of the few times times "Weekend Update" was actually good with Norm MacDonald. The jokes were funny and it didn't last ten minutes like some of them have.


MUSICAL GUEST (METALLICA): I never did like Metallica and this performance was one reason why. See grade at next appearence. GRADE: Incomplete


SONGS THAT RUINED EVERYTHING: Just OK, nothing to say. Not bad, not great. GRADE: C


THE LOST DEEP THOUGHTS BY JACK HANDY: The Original "Deep thoughts were better. See grade at next appearence. GRADE: Incomplete


VANCE HELP MISS MILO INTO CHRISTMAS TREE: Kind of funny. Nothing great. INteresting finale. GRADE: B-


MUSICAL GUEST (METALLICA): I still don't like their music. However, for the people that call that complete lack of musical quality good music, I won't grade them down from their perspective. GRADE: C+


SANTA CLAUS, THE EX-CONVICT: An unusual good ending to the show. I liked it. GRADE: B


THE LOST DEEP THOUGHTS BY JACK HANDY: OK, I hope we will be spared next week. GRADE: D+


OVERALL: When the writers took an "off night", Nathan Lane came to the rescue with an excellent performance. Hopefully the skits will be better next week. SHOW GRADE: C- HOST GRADE: A-

Episode Review written by Taylor Ericson

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