Nathan Lane / Metallica
December 6, 1997

Overview: This was a show that was hard for me to get a bead on; Nathan Lane is obviously a tremendous talent and the rockin' dunderheads called Metallica are one of the best live acts today. Problem is, I don't particularly care for either of them. So it was with mixed apprehension and excitement I watched this show.


Opening: They don't seem to use many ensemble pieces to open the show but this a good one. This septuplets-down-the-well thing could've have sunstained a much longer sketch and may be the best cold sketch I've seen in a while. B+


Monolog: Writing - weak. Energy - Superb. Conclusion - okay. C+


Commercial: Chess for Girls? Not exactly a hot idea and the fault probably lies in that women obviously play chess. I mean, its not deer hunting, y'know? C


Spartan Cheerleaders: Well the cheers themselves were unusually weak and not as amusing, even in a car accident kind of way, as they frequently are. The rest of the sketch was good, nonetheless. B-


Quiet Storm: Bring it on. B


Sister Wendy: Probably funnier if you've actually seen the program. However this is the first of several bits that went on longer then they should have. Still, if any host deserves a showcase it probably is Lane, despite my comments in the overview. B-


Misc.: Marianne Faithful! Singing Christmas Songs? Yes!!! A+


History of Vaudeville: Another sketch that ran too long and it got old with every subsequent tune. C


Weekend Update: Another week one by Norm but what a delight to see Nathan Lane play Lou Costello. If they make a biopic he could play him and I'd know I'd go see it. C


Metallica: Another thunderous performance. Didn't like the song too much but it could've been worst; they could have done something from their early albums. B


Songs That Ruined Everything: Well....their Styx chronology was wonky(they were an easy listening laughingstock before "The Best of Times")and some of the song choices were not exactly right and they brough down, big time, what could have been the best sketch of the night. C+


Deep Thoughts: "Oh hell, its always funny." A


Ms. Milo: Too, too long and kind of stagnent with only two actors. C-


Metallica: Ouch. I can see why the new single is falling on the charts. And there was no real point to adding Marianne Faithfull. Not a duet made in heaven. Hell, maybe, but not heaven. C+


Criminal Santa: Valiant last stand for a wildly uneven show. C


Deep Thoughts: "'Oh hell, its always funny.'" A


Overall: Not completely horrible and not completely good. A very in-between show but I'll be charitable because its obvious that with this one they really tried.Its the great show that could have been.

Grade: C+

Episode Review written by Michael Keith Goodman

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