Nathan Lane / Metallica
December 6, 1997

Brian Williams Covers Well Babies Tragedy

This made me laugh so hard! I loved Jim Breuer and Molly Shannon as the parents of the babies. I think the funniest part was when Brian Williams (Will Ferrel) said "Damn, that's a kick-ass graphic!" This was one of the best opening sketches I've seen all year.

10 out of 10


Monologue-Nathan Lane

I hated this. This was one of the weakest monologues ever. True, I love The Lion King, but it was very corny.

5 out of 10


Chess for Girls

Great commercial! I liked it when the little girls blew bubbles with the chess pieces. Also, I thought it was funny how the pieces in the chess set for girls were so huge.

8 out of 10


Craig and Arianna's Spartan Cheerleader Dream

I absolutely adore the Spartan Cheerleaders. It seemed as if Cheri Oteri was really tired or something, though. Arianna wasn't as peppy as usual. I liked it when they kissed, though. I knew that would come eventually, even if it was just a dream. The Cowboy cheerleaders were a nice touch.

9 out of 10


The Quiet Storm with Chris Garnett

I liked this more on the Alec Baldwin episode, but this one was excellent. I loved it when he shot Nathan Lane's character in the temple.

7 out of 10


Sister Wendy Beckett's Art Odyssey

I almost wet my pants during this skit! My dad actually watches her show, and Nate did a great impression of her. I liked it when she grabbed the statue and said "I didn't touch it... I wanted to see if it would burn my hand!" Hysterical.

10 out of 10


The History of Vauderville

This was funny, but too long. Chris Kattan is such a cutie!

6 out of 10


Weekend Update

I missed this, so I can't review it.




Awful, awful music

1 out of 10 because 0 would be cruel


Songs that Ruined Everything

This was great! I liked Will Ferrel as that guy from Styx.

8 out of 10


Lost Deep Thoughts

What can I say?

10 out of 10


Vance Helps Miss Milo into Costume

WIll and Nathan were hilarious! It was funny when Will screwed up with the pantyhose and the gloves. Nate's tree costume was great.

9 out of 10



This was worse than before. The blond lady couldn't sing if her life depended on it.

.5 out of 10


Santa- Ex Convict

You could tell they created this one because they couldn't think of anything else. This was the worst sketch all night.

2 out of 10


Lost Deep Thoughts

Great stuff.

10 out of 10


Average: 6.82

This show was great in the beginning but then it just worsened as the night went on. I expected much more from someone as funny as Nathan Lane. This was worse than the Matthew Perry episode.

Episode Review written by Mary Catherine DiFebo

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