Nathan Lane / Metallica
December 6, 1997

well babies

This was fairly funny but it was the Brian Williams impression that did it for me. That was just so perfectly done. It was Uncanny.

8 out of 10



This really didnt strike me as funny when i first saw it but the more i thought about it the more funny it got. They probably could have done with out The guy who did the voice of the warthog but either way it was alright

8 out of 10


Chess 4 Girls

Just not all that funny

5 0ut of 10



The saving grace of this sketch was seeing the very hot real cheerleaders at the end

5 for the sketch,,,,,,,10+ for the cheerleaders


Quite storm

this sketch was pretty average, i liked the reference to Tim Meadows other character "G-dog" who i really like.

7 out of 10


Art tour

This was ok i suppose , i didnt like it one way or the other

5 out of 10



This sketch had its moments but it could have been better

7 out of 10


Weekend update

This was good . i liked The Abbot and Costello bit it was a nice change of pace.

8 out of 10



This was good, i am not a big fan but i enjoyed the song

9 out of 10


Songs that Ruined everything

This was ok but i didnt understand their choices for some of the songs,,,,are the Rolling Stones and Billy Joel ruined forever???? When did this happen???

7 out of 10


Mrs Milo

This was pretty dumb

4 out 0f 10



It was good to see that Marianne Faithful is still alive ( i thought she might have died) and the song was good even though all she did was go La La La La La

8 out of 10


Santa Claus

This was my favorite sketch of the night. Its to funny to review properly. hahaha!!

10+ out of10

Episode Review written by Andrew

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