Greg Kinnear / All Saints
April 11, 1998

11:30-Opening-Martha Stewart Easter and Passover. Very Easter Oriented and made fun of Passover and her little knowldedge of the holiday. Very short skit but very funny....w/Ana Gasteyer and Greg Kinnear


11:33-Monolouge-Greg Kinnear-About losing Oscar, and the other stars of "As Good as it Get's" all won Oscars. Reviews a scene of "As Good As It Gets".Not funny at all and very lame.


11:37-Same Cookie Dough Sport commercial for the 4th time this season. This commercial is funny but it is already getting very old. SNL needs more commercials. w/Will Ferrell,Ana Gasteyer, Cheri Oteri, Tim Meadows, Jim Breuer, & Chris Kattan.


11:40-Game Show Network/Name that Dog-Kattan and Meadows screaming and acting very extatic. Funny because they guess all of the wrong names for the dogs. w/Greg Kinnear, Chris Kattan, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer, Cheri Oteri, and Molly Shannon.


11:48-Rehab Center/Bobbi and Marty Colp-Singers. -Been used before but as usual very funny and entertaining. Just redoing Songs. w/Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Greg Kinnear.


11:56-Restaurant-Very loud with Greg Kinnear being very extatic-wants to slap hands with everyone. Oteri is blind date with Kinnear. New and Funny. w/Ana Gasteyer, Darrell Hammond, Cheri Oteri, Greg Kinnear, and Will Ferrell.


12:01-TV Funhouse-Fun with real audio.Tom Snyder with Dolly Pardon. Snyder follows Pardon.


12:03-House of Dogs- Tracy Morgan as tough guy trying to sell self defense dogs. Breuer plays a guy who buys the dog and is very funny. The skit went back to host of first skit "Name that Dog" w/ Tracy Morgan, Jim Breuer, and Greg Kinnear.


12:08-Weekend Update with Colin Quinn-Told funny Clinton story-many good jokes and 1 liners. Very funny Easter story by Colin. Another apperarance of Gunnar Olsen. Gunnars first since Scott Wolf's episode. Gunnar is hilarious. w/ Colin Quinn and Jim Breuer.


12:21-All Saints-Not Very good. Boring. No personality.


12:28-Nightline-Ted Koppel-after Nightline Koppel meets his brother. Brother is a very funny hillbillie on drugs. w/ Darrell Hammond, Greg Kinnear, Tim Meadows, and Molly Shannon.


12:35- Pirate Ship Skit-Ferrell has to walk on very long plank. Ferrell Keeps walking. Not funny and very stupid. w/ Chris Kattan, Will Ferrell, Greg Kinnear, Tim Meadows, Darrell Hammond, Bob Haskins, and Jim Breuer,


12:42-Robin Byrd Show-Tim Meadows (Genesis) as dancer plays a very similar character to "Istanbul" from the Sarah Michelle Gellar episode. Next there is a cowboy dancer who is very funny and Oteri is very disappointed. Verry funny skit. w/Cheri Oteri, Tim Meadows, and Greg Kinnear.


12:50-What will happen on NBC later tonight,. Lists all of the former hosts of NBC show "Later". Exagurates listing about 15,000 ex hosts. The whole celebration is hosted by Greg Kinnear and Bob Costas. Very creative and very funny. w/Darrell Hammond, Greg Kinnear, and Bob Haskins.





Episode Review written by Scott Eisberg

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