Samuel L. Jackson / Ben Folds Five
January 10, 1998

[OPENING] President Clinton's $40 billion movie project

Very tiresome.

Grade: D


[MONOLOGUE] Samuel L. Jackson

I must say, the way Mr. Jackson read his new year's resolutions was very much like "Pulp Fiction."

Grade: B


[COMMERCIAL] Lemon Glow Floor Cleaner

Saw it before. Didn't care the first time and I didn't care the second.

Grade: F (because it's not new to me)


[SKETCH] Publisher's Clearing House Giveaway

This was very funny in a very ethnic way. Mr. Jackson's anti-white remarks were very funny (and very black), and when Tim Meadows was caught sleeping with a woman that was funny too. Ana Gasteyer looked nice.

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] Bravo's Interview with Quentin Tarentino

When Burt Reynolds appeeared in this skit, I thought: "Heh heh ... they cloned Norm MacDonald". Anyway, MacDonald was funny as Reynolds with all the burger-talk. I also liked Ana Gasteyer as the maid from "The Brady Bunch" because I watch that show a lot.

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] PBS's Jazzterpieces

The pregnancy bit was funny. I didn't really care for Ana Gasteyer's voice.

Grade: A-


[SKETCH] Judge Judy

Cheri Oteri was great as Judge Judy. Just looking at the short, spunky Oteri is nice.

Grade: A+


[TV FUNHOUSE] George Clooney

I finally get a wish of mine with this cartoon: Ana Gasteyer as Diane Sawyer. The transvestite bit was funny.

Grade: A+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

I loved him back in December 1995 with his Lenny the Lion commentary. Is he as good here? Yes. The joke about O.J. in the "Enquirer" is the highlight. Meanwhile, Harry Caray (Will Ferrell) was funny. The one about hot dogs was a howler.

Grade: A+++


[MUSICAL GUEST] Ben Folds Five (performing 'Brick')

Good instruments.

Grade: B


[SKETCH] Titanic's evacuation

How profoundly hard it was trying to empty the ship was funny.

Grade: B


[SKETCH] Mango breaks antoher heart

I hope Brad Delzer didn't see this. I didn't like it myself. It bugged me. Mr. Jackson's behavior was very black.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] The Learning Annex

Didn't care.

Grade: C-


[SKETCH] The Playboy Channel

The way Mr. Jackson said "get it on" was funny. He sounded real black.

Grade: A-


[COMMERCIAL] The Weston Collection's I'm #1

Seen it before, too.

Episode Review written by James Fletcher

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