Samuel L. Jackson / Ben Folds Five
January 10, 1998

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[OPENING] President Clinton's $40 billion movie project

*** This skit was one of the best of the Bill Clinton's in a while It was not the best of the night, but it was good.


[MONOLOGUE] Samuel L. Jackson

*** Sam did a good job at the Monologue. It was funny in my opinion, but I had the rest of the show on my mind(WU of course.)


[COMMERCIAL] Lemon Glow Floor Cleaner

**** This commercial is funny but the day after seeing it, you will be chanting "Lemon Glow Quick and Easy...." It is so hard to get out of your head


[SKETCH] Publisher's Clearing House Giveaway

** This skit would have been better if there was some very bad stuff going on inside. Tim Meadows was the best part of it.


[SKETCH] Bravo's Interview with Quentin Tarentino

**** This skit was one of the best of the night. Norm as Quentin was genus. I could not stop laughing. He constantly says ok! It was great


[SKETCH] PBS's Jazzterpieces

*** Jackson's performance in this one was great. Ana's part was not that funny, but Sam made up for it as the blind man. When he would sing, it was killer!


[SKETCH] Judge Judy

** This skit lagged on too long. The writers took an idea that should have gone no more than 2 minutes. It was okay.


[TV FUNHOUSE] George Clooney

* I found only one part of this funny, Radar from MASH. This cartoon was not that good.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

***** This was the make or brake skit of the night. For those of you who don't know, Norm was fired from "WU" just days before, and this was Colin's first time. True, he is not Norm, but is that a bad thing. He had his own style. Before this night took place, I hated Colin. He was not funny to me. This all changed with this. Colin did a lot better than I thought he would. Some complain that he was too bland. Well, it was the man's first night! Anyone would have been the same in his shoes. The thing that really freaked me out was when the opening cheer ended, you could hear a voice in the background that said, "Hey you" (or something like that). It sounded like Mr. Norm MacDonald. Colin did very well, but the best part of "WU" was good old Harry Caray! As always he was killer. Ferrell is super when it comes to Harry. I loved it. At the end of "WU," I had a feeling of wanting more Colin. I couldn't wait until next week.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Ben Folds Five (performing 'Brick')

* One word: SUCKED!


[SKETCH] Titanic's evacuation

*** Ok, you know how you always see "WU," then the band, and are waiting for the next skit. Well, this one should have been near the end of the show. It wasn't that great. The joke got stale near the end, but it got funny with the "body raft."


[SKETCH] Mango breaks another heart

***** Here is the best of the night! At 11:05 EST on AOL, I was in a chat room saying how cool it would be to see Mango one more time. Then when it came on, I fell to the floor and screamed! I never thought that it would really happen on the episode, if ever again. Kattan is the best one on "SNL" in my opinion. Of course, this skit lost a little because it had been done before, but it is still very good.


[SKETCH] The Learning Annex

* When this skit first started, I had hoped it was a David Lee Roth skit because they played Jump at the beginning and they showed the Lee rerun the week before. But this skit turned out to be stale and boring. This is how bad I thought "WU" was going to be.


[SKETCH] The Playboy Channel

**** Very funny skit. Jackson was classic with the same line over and over, "Let's Get It On!" Kattan again was on with the, "My Dad Just Died, I Want My Dad Back" thing. This one was very funny.


[COMMERCIAL] The Weston Collection's I'm #1

**** This one had been shown before, but it was the only good part of the episode it was on(Clair Danes.) It is just another funny idea.



Episode Review written by BerNiE

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