Helen Hunt / Hanson
December 13, 1997

Marty and Bobbi Kulp: First of all, I'd like to say that this is one of my favorite sketches. I'm glad to see SNL is trying to put a "twister" on things. I never knew that Helen Hunt could even barely sing! I always like it when Gasteyer does that fading laugh. I think this sketch seemed to drag on a bit towards the end. It didn't flow well when Helen Hunt said "Live from NY......." -- This is one of the few times I have seen the host in the opening and the host announcing the show. Overall--Not bad at all! Grade: B+


Monolouge: I didnt think that this was very good at all. Don't you think there has been a lot of guest stars this season!?!? Grade: C-


Delicious Dish: Once again, this is another one of my favorite sketches! I didn't think this one was as good as they have been in the past though. They didn't seem to be as boring as NPR people really are. I did however like "Dictus Metal" (Or however you spell it!) and "Trudy - Short for Gertrude". Overall-- not as good as they have been in the past--but considering the past versions have gotten A+'s --This one gets a.... Grade: B


Fun with Real Audio: They could have done a lot more with this. Just O.K. Grade: C-


Ladies Man: This sketch was never at the top of my favorites list. Helen Hunt seemed to be a little off. The "penis call" was a hoot! Not as bad as they have been in the past! Grade: B


Baseball Players: Chris Kattan was very good in this. The "Quit acting like a fag" line was great too! It did seem, however, that there was more of an emphesis on "Lets see how many guest stars we can fit into a sketch" vs. "How funny we can make it" Funny ending! (Who came up this anyway--very strange idea when you look at it!) Grade: B-


Special Commentary: What's up with this show? A host in the opening? Fun House so early? Musical Guest before Weekend Update? Hunt announcing the show? Just thought it was a little different!


Roxbury Guys: This episode has been full of twist on old sketches! This one was no exception! Cheri O'Teri's bit was great! Prety good sketch! Grade: A-


Joan Rivers on E!: "I wanna be in a movie!" Cheri O'Teri's impression was dead on! Great Writing and a great sketch. Helen Hunt was very good as well. THe skeleton idea was excellent. Another Cute ending! Grade: A+


Burt Reynolds Christmas: Not too good--not too bad. Grade: C


Bill Gates: First of all, Chris Kattan took over McKinney's gig. Sheesh! It was a hoot how he has the power to interupt Christmas Massfor his own little report. The line about getting Windows 95 was super! Way to go! Grade: A


Hanson in the elevator: Cute Idea. Those kids need to work on their acting! Grade: B-


Overall: This epsiode had a LOT of old sketches with twists on them. I think they should stick to their old ways. A few sketches that usually would get an "A" went into the "B" range or lower. I think this was a varied show. There was something for all types of people. This episode had a great 2nd half! I feel I'm saying that a whole bunch this season! A LOT better than Nathan Lane--but definetely not as good as Farley or Claire Danes. At least there weren't any F's! Overall Grade: B+


Episode Review written by Jon Tanzer

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