Helen Hunt / Hanson
December 13, 1997

[OPENING] The Kulps Christmas caroling

This was kinda cewl. The writers finally decided to take the Culps out of their normal context (like at a dance, social event, etc).


[MONOLOGUE] Helen Hunt

FUNNY! The way the whole cast imitated Jack Nicholson and then he appears on stage. Then what do they have to say for themselves? A classic monologue.


[COMMERCIAL] Cookie Dough Sports Drink

Kinda funny but also kinda gross at the same time. That stuff going into their mouth didn't look too appetizing.


[SKETCH] The Delicious Dish on NPR

As always, this sketch rewls. Helen Hunt did a great job on it.


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio: Jesus agravated by televangelist

This was one of the greatest "Fun With Real Audio"'s I have ever seen. Showing that clip from "Charlie Brown's Christmas" was a good touch. Also when Jesus danced like the Peanuts gang that was hilarious!


[SKETCH] The Ladies Man

Great! Helen Hunt was funny as that woman (forgot her name). The "does size matter" question call-in was funny. "I wasn't expecting you to say anything smaller than 10 inches."


[SKETCH] Baseball Christmas Wish

Kinda pointless. It was just a dumb reason to show dozens of athletes on SNL. I wonder how much the show paid to get them on? They wasted their money.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Hanson (with 'Mmmbop')

Oh my God if I hear them again I'll hang them up by their girly-hair! Of course I changed the channel on TV when they came on but I'm also talking about radio stations :)


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Uh Norm sucks. But Colin's appearance made me smile.


[SKETCH] Roxbury Guys (with Jack Nicholson cameo)

HILARIOUS!! The Roxbury Guys in therapy. Now there's a new concept. "Hola" "Como estas?" Great sketch, Will and Chris rewl.


[SKETCH] Joan Rivers' Year-End Fashion Show Wrap-Up

This was one of the most funny sketches of the evening! Having a skeleton as Joan was pretty accurate if you ask me! "Hugs, hugs!" But did anyone notice that Joan's voice was Cheri Oteri's but Cheri was also playing Joan's daughter in the sketch? How'd they do that? A recording? Either way that sketch rewled :)


[SKETCH] Burt Reynolds Christmas

Ah I really hate Norm but his Burt Reynolds impression is right on. Laughable.


[SKETCH] ChrismaSoft (with 'Bill Gates')

This was hilarious. Chris Kattan does a great Bill Gates. "You can only celebrate Christmas if you own Windows 95. And if you have a Mac, you're now Jewish". And the part of the electronic Santa "Ho Ho Ho. Christmas is a registered trademark of Microsoft" This sketch was so true as to Microsoft's power over the computer industry. "Let's see if the old guy with the big white hat has anything important to say... Nope! He doesn't!" The part about him not seeing his wife in a month was pretty funny too.


[SKETCH] Hanson Elevator Torture

This was actually a decent sketch. I actually give credit to the little brats for agreeing to be in a sketch that made fun of them.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Hanson (with 'Merry Christmas Baby')

But contrary to my opinion on the last sketch, their music sux, don't want to hear them again (I changed the channel this time, too!)

Episode Review written by Joel Navaroli

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