Helen Hunt / Hanson
December 13, 1997


We love the Kulps! Keep 'em coming! We know the characters are making a good impression with the lead slot on the show in their third appearance. Tim Meadows and Helen Hunt were great additions to the group for the caroling. If you have the Kulps come to your house this holiday season, invite them in. You'll never be more entertained.

Grade: A+



When Jim Bruer crashes a monologue, you'll never know what to expect. The cast members that came out with their terrible impressions made me wonder where they were going with the premise until Nicholson came out. His 'You can't handle the truth!' line was a good wrap up to the bit.

Grade: B+


Cookie Dough Commercial:

Rerun commercial, but still incredibly funny!

Grade: A


Delicious Dish:

Not one of the better sketches in this series. It started out great with the women thinking they were drunk on eggnog. Helen Hunt just didn't sell me on her character. There have been better guests on the show. The 6 month one-room Graceland gingerbread house was a riot.

Grade: B-


TV Funhouse:

Three words: Fried Kathy Lee.

Grade: B+


The Ladies Man:

Great sketch. This third outing shows Tim getting better and better with this character. "Never underestimate the power of the skank."

Grade: B+


Baseball Christmas Wish:

Wacky. It went on and on. Would've liked to see Ken Griffey, though, instead of just hearing about him. Ferrell was great as the minor-leaguer with the mastiff dog.

Grade: B-



Why this marketing ploy of a band is still around is anybody's guess. Haven't we learned anything from New Kids on the Block?

Grade: Ick!


Weekend Update:

Slow. Funny for the most part. Where was Colin Quinn going with his little drunk tirade? Rehearsal anyone?

Grade: C


Roxbury Guys:

The kings of the dancefloor return to confirm that even Jack Nicholson \is a club hopper. Too bad he can't dance very well. (Then again, he wasn't half as goofy as Sylvester Stallone in the season opener.) It was nice to hear the guys' voices. It'll get us prepared for the movie next year.

Grade: A


Joan Rivers Show:

I've been windering if they were ever going to parody that crappy show. It did need a bit more development, though. It was funny, but felt a little unworked and incomplete. Darrell Hammond's impersonation was uncharacteristicly lacking. Maybe he was pissed he didn't get much air in the last few weeks.

Grade: C


Burt Reynolds:

This is the only impression Norm MacDonald has now that Dole is out of the spotlight. Good thing it was short. Norm is lost outside of the confines of the Weekend Update desk. His schtick is starting to wear thin. I've never seen a bigger professional bridge-burner. Oops, sorry. I got a little off-track...

Grade: C-


Bill Gates:

Chris Kattan needs to study more tapes to get Bill Gates' impression down better. At times it's not even close. There is a lot of material there to use, but the impression needs to be better because it helps to carry the premise. Also, why the Apple slam? Bill is not IBM. Bill is Microsoft, a software development company. Microsoft is a large shareholder in Apple stock. Bill is not, in reality, anti-Apple. He is an opportunist who makes Microsoft's Windows software available to IBM clones.

Grade: D


Hanson Elevator Tortue:

Hey, in case you missed it: they not only stink at singing, but Hanson also stinks at acting. No big surprise. Good performances by Ferrell and Hunt are obliterated by the three hacks.

Grade: F



Again? This time butchering a classic Christmas rock song? Thbpppt! Give me Springsteen's version any day!

Grade: Ick x 10!!

Episode Review written by FerrellFan1

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