Helen Hunt / Hanson
December 13, 1997

Opening-- too long, Helen Hunt was endearing though. 7


Monologue-- I thought she was rude to diss Hanson. for instance, I'm sure Claire Danes wasn't crazy about Mariah Carey but she showed a lot more class. Also, the joke about being the oldest Hanson has been done so many times, ie David Spade. I liked Breuer in this. 6


Commercial-- skipped


Delicious Dish-- funny, esp. gingerbread house part. Hunt did a good job. 8


TV Funhouse-- good, funny and moralistic at the same time which is hard to do. 8


Ladies Man-- skipped


Baseball-- really good. Kattan was right on. the parade of players went on too long though and the basketball players bit at the end wasn't punched up enough. 8.5


Hanson )mmbop)-- went on too long and started sounding really repetitive. 5


Weekend Update- Missed


Roxbury Guys-- Okay, but not as good as usual. Jack has no rhythmn! Hunt was okay. 6


Joan-- missed


Burt-- missed


Christmassoft-- sorry, I got a phone call and missed all of the above skits.


Hanson (elevator)-- overacted by the boys but a good idea. You couldn't really understand what the boys were saying except the oldest who was pretty funny being spastic. The ending was forced though. I liked how Hunt said the word "mmmbop." 7.5


Hanson (end)-- okay. 5.5


Overall-- Pretty equal to claire Danes' episode. Maybe it's because I missed so many skits but I wanted to see more of the cast involved. 7

Episode Review written by Elaine Shin

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