John Goodman / Paula Cole
February 7, 1998

[OPENING] Linda Tripp confronts Monica Lewinsky over dinner

This was soooooooo funny. I was glad to see Molly Shannon open the show. I was also glad to see Chris Kattan in a sketch too. Sad to not see Norm play Bob Dole. He would have done alot better than Dan Aykroyd.

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[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman and Dan Aykroyd

Blues Brothers! This was again RAD. I loved it. The beat was good, lyerics were nice.....just over all cool. I liked to see Molly, Ana, and Cheri up there.

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[SKETCH] Morning Latte

This was Ok. It's getting old though. Nothing againt Cheri and Will, but it just wasn't as good as other things I've seen them in. Oh well. I'm not that scarred for life.

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[SKETCH] Bill Clinton disagrees with several of the Ten Commandments

Now this was cool. I loved it! It was a great use of all the actors. One of the best of the night.

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[SKETCH] CBS World Of Sports: Eye On The Olympics

I saw Chris Kattan, I saw Chris Kattan, I saw Chris Kattan!!! Yahoo! Sorry for my spaz attack. I just thing he is the bomb. Anyway. Even though I did see Chris Kattan I was laughing harder(harder! get it?) to see Molly Shannon as Michell Kwan. Even though she didn't say much it was funny.

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[TV FUNHOUSE] The X-Presidents

This was pretty good for an X-pres. I would have enjoyed the Ambiguosly Gay Duo better but this was just fine. I liked the Goerge Bush/Barbra Bush thing. That was well done.

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[SKETCH] Emeril Live on the Food Network

I didn't get this. I didn't find it that funny either..........thats all.

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[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn ( what about Norm?)

I miss Norm! No offence Colin but I miss Norm. You do a perfectly good job at WU but I miss Norm.

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She was cool. Didn't think she looked like that though. Oh well. Music was great though. I love that song!

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[SKETCH] Judge Judy

I liked seeing the toy salesman guy. This was very well done. Cheri was better than usual. Tracy though........wooo. He was good.

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[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo

Ana rules! I loved this one.

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[SKETCH] Sabado Chistoso

Once again I didn't get it..............

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[SKETCH] When cobras attack

I loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooooooo cool.....I lamost died laughing. Chris Kattan and Molly were once again.................DA BOMB!

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[SKETCH] Storytellers (with Neil Diamond)

Ok, not great.

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OVERALL this was a good night. Hope the show stays this good when I get on it.

Episode Review written by Sarah

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