John Goodman / Paula Cole
February 7, 1998

OPENING---Some good inside jokes, but not very funny overall. I can already tell the Lewinsky scandal will be overused. 4 out of 10


MONOLOGUE---The Blues Brothers Band has always been great. This is no exception. One of the highlights of the show. 9 out of 10


MORNING LATTE---Not much improvement in this skit since the Chris Farley episode. More bad Lewinsky jokes and we all knew what was coming at the end. 2 out of 10


TEN COMMANDMENTS---Not good material, but Hammond as Bill Clinton has always been good. 5 out of 10


EYE ON THE OLYMPICS---Notmany laughs, but Kattan and Ferrell work well together. 4 out of 10


X-PRESIDENTS---I've never really liked this skit but it is very well drawn. 3 out of 10


EMERIL---Another bad reason to bring up the scandal. Breuer and Goodman were wasted in this skit. 1 out of 10


WEEKEND UPDATE---I still wish Norm was doing this, but this was Quinn's best Update yet. Most of the material was funny except for the Matt Damon bit. Ferell's commentary as Randy Graves was the highlight this week. Now that Norm is gone, I would have to say that Ferrell is the funniest cast member. 8 out of 10


PAULA COLE---I did not watch this performance.


JUDGE JUDY---By far the best sketch this week. Cheri Oteri has even improved since the Samuel L. Jackson episode. Every character was great. Tracy Morgan is underused big time in every show. His bailiff character is great. I liked that they brought back Aykroyd's Mainway character. 10 out of 10


MARTHA STEWART---Ana Gasteyer does a perfect impersonation of Martha Stewart, but none of these sketches have been exteremely funny. 4 out of 10


SABADO CHISTOSO---Started off great, but then brought up the scandal once again. 4 out of 10


WHEN COBRAS ATTACK---Not a funny sketch at all and they didn't even bring up the president. 1 out of 10


STORYTELLERS---The second-best sketch of the night. Hilarious and unexpected punchlines. Ferrell comes through again tonight. 9 out of 10


Overall, just an average show. Only a couple really good skits not counting the Blues Brothers performance. I hope Weekend UPdate continues too improve without Norm. I thought Goodman and Aykroyd were wasted in most sketches and the Presidential scandal was severely overused.

Overall: 4.5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Kevin

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