John Goodman / Paula Cole
February 7, 1998

[OPENING] Linda Tripp confronts Monica Lewinsky over dinner--Not a bad opening at all! At first, I was a little confused (believe it or not!) but then I caught on. The only big negative comment Im gonna make is Dan Akroyd's impression of Bob Dole--I mean....what was up with that!?! Overall---pretty nice! GRADE: B+


[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman and Dan Aykroyd EXCELLENT! I found this very entertaining! I liked the Cheri, Molly, and Ana dancing in the back--nice touch -- (Even though you couldnt hear them--[I dont really think you were supposed to]) Definetely one of the top 2 or 3 openings of the season! GRADE: A


[SKETCH] Morning Latte -- SUPERB! Ever since I saw this one on the Chris Farely show I have been dying to see it again. This was just as funny as the first one! I mean--How funny is that! Of course the major highlite of this one was Cheri's big flub! "Cake and Cookie" The audience was like WOOOOO! I thought that was a hoot! As I said in the Chris Farley review...."I can't wait to get my next cup of Morning Latte!" This show is ON A ROLL! GRADE: A+


[SKETCH] Bill Clinton disagrees with several of the Ten Commandments--Its always tough to follow an A+ sketch. This one was just alright. So far, the only non-pres clinton thing has been the monolouge....I guess we'll see how that ends up. Grade: B-


[SKETCH] CBS World Of Sports: Eye On The Olympics--Not bad! The Molly Shannon thing was a little dumb! Grade: B-


[TV FUNHOUSE] The X-Presidents--Pretty good! I liked how the first ladies were worked into this! GRADE: A-


[SKETCH] Emeril Live on the Food Network I had some high expections when I saw Emeril Live flash across the screen......unfortunetely---they werent met--Jim Bruer was WAY off!!! GRADE: C+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn-- Poo on him! GRADE: D+


[SKETCH] Judge Judy--I like this one a lot! I think that O'Teri should tell more people to shut up directly. Also--Ive seen the show many times I dont remember Judge Judy ever talking to the baliff much at all! Grade: A-


[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo Good :) her impression is so dead on--it shocks me! They look A LOT alike--even without all of the makeup, etc! Grade: B


[SKETCH] Sabado Chistoso For some reason I dont remember this one at all! Maybe I was in the potty or something!! Grade: N/A


[SKETCH] When cobras attack For a REALLY dumb idea---this one didnt start off too bad at all. What was with the end--just the cobra talking to the camera?!?! UGH! Grade: C


[SKETCH] Storytellers (with Neil Diamond) Poo on this one too! Grade: D+


Overall: This episode was one of the few that seemed to go down towards the end of the episode (this season). Not bad at all! GRADE: B+


Best: Morning Latte, Monolouge

Worst: Neil Diamond

Episode Review written by Jon Tanzer

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