John Goodman / Paula Cole
February 7, 1998

In my experience, whenever John Goodman has hosted a SNL show, it has been a good one. I was not disappointed. This Feb. 7, 1998 episode was one of the best in recent memory, in that none of the sketches were stinkers. Even the weakest sketches had gems of humor, and the strongest were absolutely hilarious. I was hoping that the Clinton jokes (oh, what fertile comedic fodder our President provides!) would be up to those when I last remember John Goodman on the show -- remember "Real Stories of the Arkansas Highway Patrol" and "Cops"? Unfortunately, they weren't, but I enjoyed them just the same. Just to put my views in perspective, I have watched SNL fairly consistently ever since its inception in Fall 1975, and I have to say that this cast is one of the stronger ones. There are some real stars within.


[OPENING] Linda Tripp confronts Monica Lewinsky over dinner

I'd have been surprised if the Tripp-Lewinsky drama was not parodied somewhere on the show. I was glad to see Dan Ackroyd doing Bob Dole once again.


[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman and Dan Aykroyd

A plug for their new movie, this was ? a ? singing monologue! (Duologue??)


[SKETCH] Morning Latte

This put-down of Regis and Kathy Lee was funny, mainly because I find the real couple extremely annoying. This was the first "Morning Latte" sketch I personally have seen, although I've been informed this is an on-going sketch.


[SKETCH] Bill Clinton disagrees with several of the Ten Commandments

Darryl Hammond is a top-notch impersonator. He's got the voice and moves down to a science. I always love to watch his Bill Clinton impersonation. Of course, this sketch is a very topical comment on what's going in the news. One thing that would have made it stronger (now I'm Sunday-morning quarterbacking) would have been Clinton, upon observing the broken less-than-Ten Commandments, noting that the "Thou Shalt Not Lie" commandment was no longer in effect.


[SKETCH] CBS World Of Sports: Eye On The Olympics

I'm not familiar with Olympic telecasts, and so I must have missed some of the subtler parodies.


[TV FUNHOUSE] The X-Presidents

A giant Teddy Kennedy eating everything in sight, and then destroying the Chappaquidick Bridge -- now that's good Kennedy-bashing! I still liked the "Kennedy Kapers" game show from last season (Jeff Goldblum) as the definitive Kennedy Bash, though.


[SKETCH] Emeril Live on the Food Network

I like the theme that this and the" Sabado Chistoso" sketch carried, i.e., what a (desperate) fish out of water Alan Ginsburg, Lewinsky's lawyer, is! The media hog is carrying his crusade to the ends of the earth, so to speak.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

His delivery is very different (duh!) from Norm MacDonald's. I didn't think I'd like him, but he wasn't too bad. I'll keep watching.



The song was very reminiscent of a Laura Nyro tune. Paula was much, much better than most of the musical guests that the show has had all season (they usually suck). Of course, I'm partial to pretty female folk-type singers.


[SKETCH] Judge Judy

Maybe I'd like this one more if I had seen the real Judge Judy.


[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo

Anna Gaston plays a good Martha Stewart.


[SKETCH] Sabado Chistoso

See "Emeril Live on the Food Network." By the way, have any of you ever watched "Sabado Gigante" on the Univision Network? You should -- it's entertaining ? and I don't speak a word of Spanish


[SKETCH] When cobras attack

Will Ferrell's performance made this otherwise inane sketch worth watching.


[SKETCH] Storytellers (with Neil Diamond)

Now this was cutting edge! My favorite sketch of the night! This ventured past the edge of good taste, not in a "Howard Stern" way, but in an extremely clever and offbeat way, reminiscent of the first season of SNL (two instance come to mind: Candice Bergen and the cast, in the 1975 Christmas show, singing "Let's kill Gary Gilmore for Christmas," or, in another show, "The Claudine Longet Aspen Invitational Ski and Shooting Match."). Why did they pick on Neil Diamond? I don't know. I always thought he was a straight-laced kind of guy -- maybe that's why.

Episode Review written by John Hornby

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