John Goodman / Paula Cole
February 7, 1998

Opening: It was very weak. Nothing new, funny or outrageous.


Mono: I was never a fan of the BB so for me, I didn't like the Mono.


Morning Latte: It was funny with Chris Farely but come on, how many times calling her a stupid bitch is funny. It gets old.


Clinton: Not at all funny. Just standing around the mountain questioning about adultry. Where is the good writing?


CBS sports: Just about the only half decent sketch yet. But still somewhat weak.


X-presidents:This is the most unfunny TV funhouse. The first X- presidents were ok, but it gets lame after awhile. Where is the new interesting material! They would of had better luck using "Fun With Real Audio"


Food network: Ummmm


WU: skipped it


Paula Cole: skipped it


Judge Judy: I don't like Judge Judy anyways, Tracey Morgan was ok.


The cobra: This is supposed to be funny? Uh...yea whatever


The others I didn't watch. In my view... I gave the show no stars, two thumbs down, F-.......


I gave it the Toilet Award for Shit that Shouldn't Be Aired.

Episode Review written by Erica Pearsall

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