John Goodman / Paula Cole
February 7, 1998

[OPENING] Linda Tripp confronts Monica Lewinsky over dinner

A good sketch that probably sounded better in an idea session than what actually went on the air. Goodman was great as Tripp, and the line Molly Shannon had of"I love my BJ's" in reference to her Bartles and James had to be one of the most inspired lines of the season. Akroyd's part as Dole was good as well. Goodman's portrayal of Tripp remminded me of a comment that Craig Kilborn made earlier in the week on his own show: (presented in the voice of Austin Powers): "Linda Tripp is a man baby!" Shannon does a good job with Lewinsky...



[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman and Dan Aykroyd

Good to see Matt "Guitar" Murphy in the background, as well as the others from the original band. Good song selection, but it just wasn't that great. I miss the original gangstas....they should not have done a sequel without Belushi. BB2K should not have been made. Non-original, insispid. Whatt might have flavoured me to this opinion was not seeing Norm's mug in the opening credits. NBC are a bunch of pinheads.



[SKETCH] Morning Latte

Well done, although it was more of the same. I agree with what other people wrote. There has to be less of an emphasis on recurring characters, at least when there is not that much variation from the original sketch. Goodman was funny in his role, and someone had to say that to her...No more of this sketch...what other angles could they possibly use.



[SKETCH] Bill Clinton disagrees with several of the Ten Commandments

Without question, the best of the season. Hammond is one of the standouts in the cast and he & Will work so well of each other. Every part of the sketch was great. This is how it should be done, gentlemen.



[SKETCH] CBS World Of Sports: Eye On The Olympics

Pretty awful. You know they're both flagrantly gay and I would rather have seen an episode of the "Ambiguously Gay Duo" than this crap. This is not how it's done.



[TV FUNHOUSE] The X-Presidents

Okay...not too much. Best parts of these are putting images in that are shocking, something that you would not expect, whether it be the Bushes enkoying a little wrestling match or X-First Ladies turning into weird creatures. Original, otherwise sorta dumb. I'm still undecided about it.



[SKETCH] Emeril Live on the Food Network

Breuer is always funny as hell...and this segment was pretty darn funny...My god, I'm realizing only now how much of the material was centered on the Presidential scandal. I guess that's what happens when you have two weekends off. They play really well on it...



[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Not that great at all, just reminds me how much I miss Norm. Will's character was stupid as hell. I'm in a fraternity and I hate the stereotypes that the show seemed to be putting on in the sketches as well. Only intensified my feeling towrad Judas...I mean, Quinn when I saw Norm at the Espy Awards. He was funny as hell. Quinn is not. Throw him back into the Second City. The only good line from the entire 'Update' was for the 14-year-old who has slept with his teacher, Mary LeTourneau. "I don't know what you're doing, kid..but keep on doing it. You're doing really well." When I was that age I was....




Love the song, I hated it at first. I missed the backup vocal that is part of the radio edit, but a good showing none the less. I don't know if she's Lebanese or what, but she hasd to shave. Maybe that's why the Grammy's love her...



[SKETCH] Judge Judy

Pretty well. I'm not sure how many caught the reference of the character that Ackroyd was playing, because he did the same guy when he was a part of the show. One of the best sketches involving that guy was the Christmas episode in which he went over all the presents he had in time for the holiday season. That was a long time ago. The interplay between Morgan and Oteri was great. Akroyd always keeps me in stitches.



[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo

I woinder if there is a reason why I don't remember this one. Might have been peeing, might have switched back on "The Game". Good movie for those who haven't seen it...



[SKETCH] Sabado Chistoso

Funnier than the first, mainly because of the repititiveness that the Ginsburg character had. Most similar to all the trips to the news shows that occurred in the past week. Darrell Hammond is funny as hell.



[SKETCH] When cobras attack

One of the funniest of the night. I can't figure out why they put it all the way at the tail end of the show. The only thing I didn't understand was the cobra at the end. I was also pretty sleepy by then. This is definitely one that they can attempt to do again. Of course, they can't use the same characters. Or can they.....



[SKETCH] Storytellers (with Neil Diamond)

Funny as hell. I love Diamond and the whole Storytellers thing was great. Will Ferrell should definitely make Diamond a recurring character. The way the band staryed off and all the people left was great. Usually they put the crap back here, but this was the other great one from the show. I guess the crap that normally accumulates on the show is filtered out if there are a couple of weekends off. This was kickass.



A really good episode, one that I'm glad I remembered to watch at the last moment. Only thing is now it seems like they're going to be missing Norm, which menas I'm probably go to watch even less, despite the stellar show that went on air on Saturday. Well done....

Episode Review written by Chris Faile

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