John Goodman / Paula Cole
February 7, 1998

Opening: Linda Tripp Confronts Monica Lewinsky over dinner.

Goodman was lousy. It basically ruined some good writing.



Monologue: John Goodman and Dan Akroid.

It was good to see the Blues Brothers back but again Goodman wasn't great.



Sketch: Morning Latte

I loved this on Farley's show and it was great again. Ferrell and Oteri are great together. They truly are a dynamic duo. HILARIOUS!!

Grade: A


Sketch: Bill Clinton disagrees with several of the Ten Commandments

Not a bad sketch, but a little lengthy and repetitous. Mediocre Sketch.

Grade: B


Sketch: CBS world of sports: eye on the olympics

Pointless. Even Ferrell coudn't save this sketch. Really dumb

Grade: D


Sketch: Emeril on the food network

Funny to see him discussing politics on a Food Show. I liked it. Even, for a change, a good impression by Goodman. Average.



Weekend Update: with Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn still does not look good as an update anchor. Oh, i almost forgot Ferrell was absolutely Fabulous as Graves. The best commentator besides Harey Carey. Ferrell saves yet another sketch.

Grade:F for Colin, A+ for Ferrell


Sketch: Judge Judy

Oteri was not as funny as in the first 'Judy, but another average sketch. It was great to see the toy guy back. Akroid was great!



Sketch: Martha Stewart living promo

Although I like Gasteyer's impression, as always, this was the worst of the night.



Sketch: Sabado Chistoso

See Emirel on the food network and just substitute the Spanish channel.

Grade: B-


Sketch: When the cobra's attack

ok for at the end of the show. Ferrell was funny when he kept repeating: 'This is Your Captain Speaking'. Tim Meadows was great, as well.



Sketch:Storytellers (with Neil Diamond)

Missed it.



Im not a big Goodman fan, actually i dont care for him at all. A terribly average show. Akroid was fairly amusing. Not the best of the season but not the worst.


Episode Review written by Chris

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