Mayor Rudy Giuliani / Sarah McLachlan
November 22, 1997


This was really boring. I got tired of it fast.

*rating: 5/10



OK, Norm as a hitch hiker was the only good part.




It was ok at first, but then boring.




This was pretty good. The end was the best.




SOOOO HILARIOUS!! Spellmaster is so funny!! I really liked "booze is my mamma now!". HAHAHAA!!







[weekend update]

Oh Muh Gah!!! I always hate weekend update, BUT I LLLOOOOVVVEEEE Cinder Calhoun!!! Ana Gasteyer singing with Sarah McLachlan is THE BEST!! Oh wow. I love those vegetarian-like songs!



[musical guest]

Sarah McLachan is great.




The Joe Pesci Show is getting O L D!

I just liked the end where the mayor smashed the camera.




hahaa....I loved "..or you will die" hehee... friggin Guiliani HAHA!




I love the Janet Reno dance parties! "what's that fist? he talks too much? well I think its time for opertion shutty uppy!". H I L A R I O U S!!








uhhhh..no! I hate Perspectives. Its so annoying.




I think they showed Guiliani as himself too much and that gets old fast. I like Cinder Calhoun and Sarah McLachlan the best on this show.

Episode Review written by Sarah Burt

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