Mayor Rudy Giuliani / Sarah McLachlan
November 22, 1997

[OPENING] Giuliani shows Colin Quinn his other side

The "Sgt. Pepper" bit was both funny and exciting. That Colin Quinn feels the same way about 'Sgt. Pepper' as did John Lennon makes him all the better, and all the funnier. I'm glad Molly Shannon agreed with Quinn.

Grade: A+++


[MONOLOGUE] Mayor Rudy Giuliani

I'm glad Norm Macdonald got the starring role along with Giuliani. The thing about eating gum off of shoes and saying "Mmm! That's New Yorky!" is very funny.

Grade: A++


[SKETCH] Nightline (with guest Saddam Hussein)

My Gosh (my mother made me change that!), that's a funny one. You've gotta see it yourself.

Grade: A+++


[SKETCH] Rita Delvechio and her mom prepare for Thanksgiving

So dull!!!!!!!!!!

Grade: D-


[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher in school Spelling Bee

This sketch makes me want to return to the Spelling Bee I was at in April 1995.

Grade: A+++


[COMMERCIAL] Graffiti ... The Party's Over

Didn't really care.

Grade: D


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

The song was not only very funny, but it had a great melody. I know Norm Macdonald likes it, so I hope ---this is to Norm Macdonald--- I hope Norm picks the composition up and leaves it at the Dakota.

Grade: A+++


[MUSICAL GUEST] Sarah McLachlan

Good song.

Grade: A++


[SKETCH] The Joe Pesci Show

I thought that the 'Joe Pesci Show' sketches were gone since the 4/12/97 episode, when the real Joe Pesci and Robert de Niro appeared. I'm so glad to see they didn't. However, it would be funnier if Pesci won the fight on the show.

Grade: B


[SKETCH] Friggin' Giuliani!

Very good scenery, very good comedy.

Grade: A+++


[SKETCH] Janet Reno's Dance Party

I don't really care about 'Dance Party' sketches. But the New York scenes at the end made me long for the old times..

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] Colin Quinn Explains The New York Times

I don't like Colin Quinn explaining the New York Times.

Grade: F


[SKETCH] Perspectives


Grade: C

Episode Review written by James Fletcher

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