Sarah Michelle Gellar / Portishead
January 17, 1998


After Claire Danes and Neve Campbell one would be tempted to be nothing short of excited by the prospect of another Gen X actress hosting...but frankly I felt very apprehensive about this show. If anything, Sarah Michelle Gellar is an untried talent without a lot background to draw on. She simply doesn't have the resume the other two did. I did not expect a ground-breaking show.


[OPENING] Ted Kazinsky is tested

They've done a few Unabomber sketches now and they are really getting the hang of it. I'm seriously tempted to call this one the best yet.

Grade: B-


[MONOLOGUE] Sarah Michelle Gellar

Undoubtedly this got more attention because its the first time Norm was live since he was, uh, demoted. And he did a great ad lib with "I gotta do the skit now" which took a pretty pedestrian concept (SMG as the nicest host ever) into fairly pleasant country.

Grade: C+


[COMMERCIAL] The Spice Girls' message on Small Pox

The group makes a natural target but this just didn't cut it. This was really not much to crow about.

Grade: D+


[SKETCH] The View

The crack about Naomi Judd and female circumcision almost had me on the floor but this was just as bad as the first sketch. Y'know, not every sketch is made to be a series and someone should tell SNL that.

Grade: F


[SKETCH] John Gray's Inspirational Tapes

This was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo close to being funny. If it had only been a bit livelier.

Grade: C-


[COMMERCIAL] The Spice Girls' message on Rheumatoid Arthritis

It's actually less funny this time if that's possible.

Grade: D


[SKETCH] Dysfunctional family argues over dinner

I thought this was funny when Phil Hartman and Nicole Kidman did a sketch similar to this back in '93. I even taped it. But this ... has no point. Its just people yelling and sniping for no real reason. A waste.

Grade: C-


[SKETCH] CBS World Of Sports: The Road To Nagano

Another first rate Ted Koppel from Darrell Hammond. Too bad he wasn't playing him. Just cheap laughs.

Grade: C-


[MISCELLANEOUS] The Go Lords battle Saddam Hussein at Superbowl


Grade: F! (You bet your @$$!)


[SKETCH] Goth Talk


Grade: C


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Guess who still sucks?

Grade: F


[MUSICAL GUEST] Portishead

This is the kind of song, or, for that matter, band, that takes time to grow on you. On one viewing I can't be too generous but you never know how I might feel about this tune six months from now.

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] The Robin Byrd Show

The Diana thing was kind of funny but I don't think the writers have quite gotten the grip on how to approach something like this. This recurring bit actually shows promise.

Grade: C-


[COMMERCIAL] 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' meets 'Seinfeld'

Too stupid for words. How about a letter instead?

Grade: F


[SKETCH] The Tiger Beat Ultra Super Duper Dreamy Love Show

Norm saved the day. What a shock. Doesn't mean it was any good. The whole show has been, to this, point, a pale shadow of the Claire Danes episode.

Grade: D



Not worth waiting this long for the only truly, unabashedly, hilarious moment of the show.

Grade: A



A serious contender for the worst show of the year and that's all I'm going to say about this colossal waste of my time.

Grade: F

Episode Review written by Michael Keith Goodman

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