Brendan Fraser / Bjork
October 18, 1997

Opening: Compared with past political satires done on SNL, this one was unfunnyand ferrell's Janet Reno impression, although ruthless, is getting stranger and more sickening each time. LOOK OUT SNL'80, you guys were not that bad!

Grade D-. (being generous)


Monologue: Uh? Fraser sucked. ANd the rope thing? It would be funny if Chris Farley did that. The worst of the season by far.

Grade F.


Commercial, Lemon Glow: Not funny, what more can I say.

Grade D-.


Xena: Warrior Princess: A horriable and annoying parody. it was funny to see the cast begin to loose it, midstream though. Maybe this is where Janet Reno should have made an apparence?

Grade F.


ISSUES: A bad attempt at drug humor. It got old after the first minute.

Grade D.


Delcious Dish: Not my favorite skit, but probably the most watchable of the show. It was not funny, but it was not bad either.

Grade C.


Go Lords: This was cute the first time, but it gets worse.

Grade F.


Monday Night Football: Hammond does a good Frank Gifford, but this skit went way too long and Ferrell and MacDonald were only bumps on a log in this one.

Grade C-.


Crazy Lady: Cheri Oteri proves that annoying characters are not funny. Where's Jerry Lewis or Urkel when you need them! And the point of this was? I miss Joe Piscopo's Jersey Guy, maybe these two should hook up!

Grade D-.


WEEKEND UPDATE: Not that funny, and Norm is getting old. A few bright spots. Probably the best performance of the year to date.

Grade D/C-.


Bjork: Good performance. B.


A&E: Hammond's impression of Jack Perkins was the best part of this skit. This was drawn out and only mildly amusing.

Grade C-.


Buddies Skit: This scketch sucked and was the worst in along time.

Grade F-.


Final Show grade: F. (I missed a few sketches, but I don't think I missed much) This was a horriable waste of 90 minutes and the worst episode in a few years. Frasier is a horriable host and I think Norman Fell would do a better job.

Episode Review written by Maddog

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