Brendan Fraser / Bjork
October 18, 1997


After coming off of a pretty weak episode with Matthew Perry, "SNL" needed a good pick-me-up. They found it with Fraser.


[OPENING] Janet Reno's Clinton Fantasy

Ferrell's Reno gets better and better. Hammond's Clinton was great. "Make me happy as magic dragon." The kiss topped it all off.

Grade: B+



Did anyone notice the different music?


[MONOLOGUE] Brendan Fraser

Really good. Not much to say otherwise.

Grade: B+


[COMMERCIAL] Lemon Glow Floor Cleaner

Not their best commercial. I bet they realized they can't just show the same commercial week in and week out. Not to bad.

Grade: B-


[SKETCH] Xena: Warrior Princess

About time they made fun of this show. The interaction between Fraser and Shannon was superb.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Issues

Oh My God, what a great skit. Bake sale, I'll be there. This on could make the best of '97-'98 easily. Laughed my ass off. That's funny

Grade: A++


[SKETCH] Delicious Dish

About time, damn it. The picture part was great, as was the part about hoping the censors weren't listening, or when Fraser said he didn't get the joke, or when ...

Grade: A



I love this skit. This is only the second time they've used it, but I love it. "Hey, dickweed."

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] Crazy Lady gets Prescriptions Filled

What a great skit. Oteri's performance was outstanding. This character has to stay. Got it?

Grade: A


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Again, excellent. This whole show had been, up to this point, the best EVER!! Bet they ran out of material.

Grade: A



As always, didn't watch.


[SKETCH] Man at Male Strip Club Meets Mango

God this sucked. Sick, disgusting, totally. They ruined a totally perfect show.

Grade: F


[COMMERCIAL] Shark Channel

This was okay. You could tell they were running out of material to use. This would have been better at the start.

Grade: B-


[MISCELLANEOUS] Brendan Fraser sings Buddy Songs

This was dumb. Did anyone else see some sort of theme in this show?

Rating: C



With some of the greatest skits in latter "SNL" history, and one of the worst in all of "SNL's" history, this was a great show. If there had been no Mango, a perfect show. But I am forced to give it a

Grade: B++

Episode Review written by Brad Delzer

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