Brendan Fraser / Bjork
October 18, 1997

Clinton/Reno intro:

I love Will Ferrell's Janet Reno, but this was just screwed up. Good concept, bad execution. Not nearly as funny as it could have been.




Crash and burn. I didn't laugh once, and neither did the audience. Who wrote this crap?



Lemon Glow commercial:

That this stuff cleans floors is incidental. It's the story she tells that makes it memorable. Note I said memorable, not funny.




Anyone who's watched Xena can't deny the lesbian undertones, so I guess it was inevitable that this sketch be made. Here's my question: why was Xena so mean here? She's never unneccessarily evil, yet in this skit, she's pure cruelty. The wig accident was the best part.




Two wasted guys and their own tv show. Not as interesting as it sounds. Maybe if I was stoned out of my mind too I would have enjoyed this more. "Bake sale? I'll be there!"



The Delicious Dish:

Oh, be still my heart, it's squash day on Delicious Dish. I'm sorry, but I've never liked this skit. It just hurts my head. Please make it stop.




Determined to break every tv taboo, the Golords take on sex and full frontal nudity after last time's ultra-violence. Certainly different. I did like the car washing, though.



Monday Night Football:

Poor Frank Gifford. He just can't win after his little "knee blowing" incident. The football analogy was pretty cool.



Drug Lady:

Like I said the last time this skit was on, this is so much more sad than funny. "I'm serious." (Hey, how come she gets 3000 prescriptions filled in 4 minutes, while I wait half an hour just for some penicillin?)



Weekend Update:

"Hey, everybody!!" I had high hopes for Harry Caray's appearance here, but I was disappointed. He's just stupid now instead of hilariously nutty. His first appearance was hands down the best. The writers should be following that guideline, in my opinion.




The Courtney Love interviews were pretty cool, and the pictures were funny too, but Jack Perkins, the host, is just fantastic. "And I'm fast approaching what we call a drunken stupor!" Finally, a skit I liked!




So what is it that entices men about Mango? I don't get it. However, having him pop up randomly in this guy John's life was pretty funny. "Can you touch a rainbow? Can you put the wind in your pocket? Such is Mango." Uh, okay.



The Shark Channel:

What else do you need? Sharks, weather, entertainment, cooking... the list goes on and on. Certainly weird, but not unfunny.



Singing about Friends:

Just plain weird. I wasn't impressed. (The highlight was Norm. He's the man!)




I was sorely disappointed by this episode. Where were the laughs? This is the worst SNL I've seen in years. It wasn't even Brendan Fraser's fault. This episode was poorly written and unoriginal. Another problem that I've noticed is getting worse every week: no one learns their lines anymore. Even the regular cast constantly stare at the cards. This HAS to stop, and soon. It's really hurting the show. Sorry about that little rant there, but that's been bothering me for a while.


Episode Review written by Amanda Mosier

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