Chris Farley / The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
October 25, 1997

[OPENING] Farley gets permission to host

Not too excellent, but the table thing was funny.

Rating: Fair


[MONOLOGUE] Chris Farley

I love Chris Rock and he was excellent.  The whole monologue would have been nothing without him and Tim Meadows.  It is sad that it's Tim's eighth season, but I hope he's not going anywhere for a while.  Chris Rock, like I said, was the best.  He was better than Chris Farley in the monologue.  Go Chris (R.) Go!!



[COMMERCIAL] Yum Bubble Genital Herpes Gum

They repeated "genital herpes" too much.  It wasn't that funny.  Ass-Jet was better.

Rating: Fair


[SKETCH] Morning Latte

That was exactly like those cheesy morning shows that there are too many of.  The funniest thing was when Chris Farley said, "I said last weekend, you stupid bitch!"  And they all quieted down.  How funny was that?  How funny?

Rating: Excellent


[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher

Always a trip, but it wasn't as good as the Jeff Goldblum one.  That was easily the best yet.  The people that Jim Breuer and Cheri Oteri played were funny.  When MKG and Chris Farley did the solo dance, it was good.

Rating: Good


[COMMERCIAL] Martha Stewart: Living promo

That was funny.  It seemed like another commercial.  It was funny when she said that she threw a bag of flaming poop at her neighbor's door every day/night.

Rating: Fair-good


[SKETCH] Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker

The way he draws out his speech is great.  The best part was when Evan was like, "I am so handsome and so thin, I could have sex with any one of you in here."  Matt Foley was good when his bike ran through the wall.

Rating: Excellent


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

I love Norm. There is no such thing as a bad "Weekend Update" to me. He looked good and was good.  I forget most of it; all I did for the most past was stare in awe: How could a 34 year old man be so hot!?!?!?!? (Please excuse me).

Rating: Always Good, Always has been and always will be


[MUSICAL GUEST] The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

I don't like the Bosstones, so I didn't watch.  The only Ska band I like is Reel Big Fish.

Rating: I won't state my opioion because I didn't watch it


[SKETCH] Goth Talk

There isn't much I can say.  I love it when Kattan says, "My Name's not Todd!!  It's Azrael Abyss!!"  Molly Shannon is always funny and Chris, the fruit/tool is too.  I didn't like Glen or his friend (Farley)'s parts.

Rating: Fair-good



I didn't get it!

Rating: ???


[SKETCH] The Sally Show

It was a good laugh how trashy Cheri's character was.  Also when he picked her up.

Rating: Fair


[SKETCH] Hank Williams Jr. records Monday Night Football song

That was stupid and mean.

Rating: It sucks royal dick


[SKETCH] The Super Fans ... where are they now?

Call me crazy, but I don't even remember seeing it.  What was it about?  Will someone refresh my memory?


[SKETCH] El Nino fights on The Weather Channel

This was really stupid.  I know about it because my brother watches it and it's really dumb, fake, and immature.  That was a bad idea.

Rating: It sucks royal dick



The best yet this season and it will probably be the best of the season.  None will surpass the monologue.  I was just dissapointed that they didn't do "I'm Chillin'" because they had both of the guys in the building, they should have done it.  Oh yeah, and Chevy Chase was sorta good.

Episode Review written by Briar Rose

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