Roma Downey / Missy Elliott
February 14, 1998

[OPENING] Nightline (Monica Lewinsky speaks to congress)

Pretty good opening, I liked how she was talking about having a three-way with the President and Vernon Jordan.


[MONOLOGUE] Roma Downey

I liked Roma right away and I always like when Tracy Morgan plays a woman, but I think this would have been funnier for me if I had seen "Touched By An Angel" before.


[COMMERCIAL] Chess For Girls

"Chess is a boy's game!" This is a classic - A lot of you have complained when they repeat the commercials but I think thats the whole idea, its a *commercial*. "And 'Malibu Mystery Bishop' is ready for a day at the beach, or a night dancing!"


[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp renew their wedding vows

These two music teachers from Alta Dena Middle School are here today to renew their marriage vows.Bobbi Mohann-Culp says "but above all, Marty is an earnest, considerate, and pretty creative lover." Yikes! They go on to perform one of there off the wall medleys (including Meredith Brooks' "Bitch").


[SKETCH] Catherine II holds press-conference

This was an olden days analog to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. "We have reports that the horse in question, a two year old stallion named Sugarboy, has visited the palace after hours atleast thirtyfive times. How do you explain this?"


[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo (Valentine Special)

I'm still not a big fan of the Martha Stewart sketches, maybe its because they have a new one like every week? One memorable line - "Today on 'Living' we'll celebrate what I feel is the true essence of Valentine's Day, loneliness and shame."


[SKETCH] CBS World of Sports: Eye on the Olympics (interview w/ Ross Rebagliati)

Jim Bruer plays Ross in this, the stoned out snowboarder reluctantly playing a long with the interviewer so that he can "go get some Doritos!"


[SKETCH] Riding My Donkey: Political Talk Show

Kind of whacky sketch that included live donkeys. The best part was when Tim Meadows' donkey decided to lay down and Tim fell off. "Bernard, are you all right?"

"Yeah I just wanted to get some water."


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part one)

"Gimme a call if you wanna go ... or I'll just see you around the office ... or something ... I'm sorry, I'm rambling."


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Colin does ok, even though what he's doing is not really "news." Its more like stand-up or his Joe Blow character. Also no "special guest report" or anything like that this week.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Missy Elliott

I'm sure this wasnt popular with a large portion of the SNL viewers, but I thought it was good. This kind of music is hard to pull off live, without any obvious taped tracks or "singers" with dead mics. Good production, choreography, I liked Timbaland and Magoo and the whole "Beep me 911" part.


[SKETCH] Fran speaks at cousin's wedding

Haha, this was great! Sometimes these things are almost too true to life.It was funny when Fran went down the hall to use the vending machine and they were talking about her - "I can hear you...I'm not deaf like your freak-show husband!"


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part two)

"I'll be here waiting at the TGIFriday's on M street. I hope you didnt go to the wrong one....I ordered you some potato skins but they're gettin' cold."


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

I usually like "The Ladies' Man", but this one kind of missed the mark tonight.


[TV FUNHOUSE] Ah Lin The Skater Man

Smigel scores a "gold" with this new cartoon! Very satirical, almost as good as the George clooney one.


[SKETCH] Maria looks for date at Valentine's Day Dance

Cheri cracks me up as Maria, the ugly duckling at the "Daughters of Sicily" Valentines dance. This was a continuation of the Stallone one where hes trying to marry off his daughters.


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part three)

"I hope that trainer from your health club isnt calling - I swear if you're out with him I will key his car!"



This show was not as funny as I had hoped for, but I do think Roma Downey did a nice job.

Episode Review written by Traver Allen Wall

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