Roma Downey / Missy Elliott
February 14, 1998


I had absolutely no feelings going into this show; I knew nothing of Roma Downey or her work so I couldn't get a sense on how well she'd do as a host. I could only hope for the best. The sames applies to Elliot. So I've finally caught up to the rest of the world in having absolutely no expectations of "SNL." =)


[OPENING] Nightline (Monica Lewinsky speaks to congress)

Much better then last week's cold sketch. It was slickly produced and I can't say enough good things about. Just terrific.



[MONOLOGUE] Roma Downey

I'd kind of like to slap Chris Kattan too. Almost as good as the opening with everybody getting a chance to shine. If there is anything bad about is the slow, continuing transformation of Tracy Morgan into Garret Morris.



[COMMERCIAL] Chess For Girls

Still some problems with the premise but I actually like this better then the first time I saw it. (Which means nothing because that episode review hasn't been posted yet. Sean ensures me it will be up before he graduates. Graduate from what he's not sure but ... )



[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp renew their wedding vows

Tops their other outings this season. Sure surprised the hell out of me.



[SKETCH] Catherine II holds press-conference

Because we all know beastiality is a rich source of humour.



[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo (Valentine Special)

Rebounding nicely from last week's mediocre effort. I'd be curious to hear her feelings about these bits seeing how she's been complaing about "Style & Substance."


[SKETCH] CBS World of Sports: Eye on the Olympics (interview w/ Ross Rebagliati)

"Half-Baked," the sequel? Anyway, something actually ripe for pardoy has happened in Japan so this is also( geez, I sound like a broken record) better, on those terms alone, then the last two sketches about the events in Asia.



[SKETCH] Riding My Donkey: Political Talk Show

If this is the only time they do it, I'll be fair and give it a good grade ... but knowing their penchant for uncreativity ...

B- (I must be in a reeeeeeeeeeeal good mood today.)


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part one)

The set-up.



[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Bland as ever and his editorials just aren't funny. He's finally hitting a (mediocre) groove but all he'll ever be is Lorne Michael's answer to Brad Hall.



[MUSICAL GUEST] Missy Elliott

Okay. Not really a rap fan.



[SKETCH] Fran speaks at cousin's wedding

Highs and lows abound in this sketch but its the funniest showcase Oteri has had a quite a while, believe me.



[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part two)

The bridge.



[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

Always reliable, always good. Probably going to go down as Meadows' last really good series character.



[TV FUNHOUSE] Ah Lin The Skater Man

Loved it; of course I've seen a lot of anime in the last few years so I can appreciate this better then some other people might.



[SKETCH] Maria looks for date at Valentine's Day Dance

To answer the most common question about this sketch- yes; we saw Ms. Downey's nipple (so much for not doing nudity). I'd offer conclusive proof but this a G-rated site and I don't want to drag down an unusually good bit for this late in the show. (And don't ask me for it either.)



[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part three)

The punchline.




For me, this is the one to beat. I seem to be at odds with the newsgroup on this but that doesn't matter because I'm always right. =) I'm almost definately going to put this in top 5 at the end of the year.

A- (see ... I can give "A"s.)


Episode Review written by Michael Keith Goodman

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