Roma Downey / Missy Elliot
February 14, 1998

OPENING--- This sketch had its funny moments, such as the cut-aways showing members of Congress. The material was just average. I was disappointed but should have known that this episode would start in with the scandal again. 4 out of 10


MONOLOGUE---Now I know who Roma Downey is. With that out of the way, there was good performances turned in by the entire cast, especially Morgan. They did the best they could with only mediocre material. 5 out of 10


CHESS FOR GIRLS--- I definitely did not laugh at this skit. Maybe they should try new Gatorade ideas because the commercials have been seriously lacking this year. 1 out of 10


MUSIC TEACHERS--- Ferrell and Gasteyer always do an excellent job with this skit. Good song choices and an unexpected climax. 8 out of 10


RUSSIAN PRESIDENT--- I did not find this funny at all. Even worse than the chess commercial. 0 out of 10


MARTHA STEWART--- These are usually pretty bad, but this was the best one yet because they did not pull any punches and Gasteyer was funny throughout. This one, unlike most, did not last too long. 8 out of 10


OLYMPICS--- Breuer was the only funny thing about this sketch, but it got old quickly. 3 out of 10


RIDING MY DONKEY---Original idea, but unfunny material. I only liked this sketch becuse it was funny seeing the cast try to keep straight faces. 6 out of 10


PHONE MESSAGE--- Not very funny, but a good last line. 3 out of 10


WEEKEND UPDATE---Very short, but most of the material was funny. Should have either had a guest or more material. Not an improvement over last week, like I had hoped. 5 out of 10


MUSICAL GUEST--- I did not watch this performance


RUDE COUSIN---Just a couple of funny lines. Oteri did the best she could with the material. 3 out of 10


PHONE MESSAGE--- Worse than the first. 2 out of 10


LADIES MAN--- It's good to see this sketch back. Tim Meadows is excellent every time. Not as funny as it has been, but definitely not a waste. 8 out of 10


AH-LIN--- Great animation and a great parody of the Chinese scandal and Japanese animation. 8 out of 10


WOMEN OF SICILY--- The women are always funny in this skit. This seemed to be the only skit that utilized Roma Downey to any extent. Oteri was excellent as usual. I don't know how she can stay with that facial expression so long without laughing. 9 out of 10


PHONE MESSAGE--- These got steadily worse. This was the worst one yet. 1 out of 10


OVERALL--- I felt this episode barely utilized the host. It was very bad until the last few full sketches. I was glad to see Norm show up at the end of the show. I sure hope he's not gone for good. 5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Kevin

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