Roma Downey / Missy Elliott
February 14, 1998

Note: all ratings out of 10


[OPENING] Nightline (Monica Lewinsky speaks to congress)

8- It was very funny when they showed the faces in the audience. The only bad part was that it got a little boring and repetetive.


[MONOLOGUE] Roma Downey

8- Better than most monologues, Molly Shannon was hilarious.


[COMMERCIAL] Chess For Girls

10- Extremely funny! I couldn't stop laughing.


[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp renew their wedding vows

6- Good, but it is getting old fast.


[SKETCH] Catherine II holds press-conference

5- It wasn't that funny, but it didn't last long.


[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo (Valentine Special)

8.5- I loved the erotic cakes!


[SKETCH] CBS World of Sports: Eye on the Olympics (interview w/ Ross Rebagliati)

7- I liked it when they kept on calling M. Kwan Japanese. "A Japanese person, if there ever was one"


[SKETCH] Riding My Donkey: Political Talk Show

9.5- The theme song was very funny and so was "Mr. Apples"


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part one)

5- A good enough time-filler.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

3.5- He said, like, 5 news jokes and then went on about something I didn't care about. He will never live up to Norm!


[MUSICAL GUEST] Missy Elliott

9- I like Missy Elliot a lot. It was a good performance.


[SKETCH] Fran speaks at cousin's wedding

I don't remember this one, so it must've sucked


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part two)

5- See above.


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

6- The Ladies' Man is usually pretty funny but it too is getting old.


[TV FUNHOUSE] Ah Lin The Skater Man

8- One of Smigels best cartoons, but not as good as the Ambigiously Gay Duo.


[SKETCH] Maria looks for date at Valentine's Day Dance

8- Cheri Oteri's character was hilarious!


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part three)

5- Same as above.

Episode Review written by Emmy Wilson

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