Roma Downey / Missy Elliott
February 14, 1998

[OPENING] Nightline (Monica Lewinsky speaks to congress)

I thought that this was one of the funniest openings I've seen on "SNL" for a long time. The camera shots of real D.C. politicians and their "reactions" to what Monica was saying was hilarious. Molly Shannon plays all her characters well and Monica Lewinsky is no exception.

Grade: A


[MONOLOGUE] Roma Downey

This was a very good monologue. It was much better than the Blues Brothers' monologue, and Tracy Morgan as Della Reese was hilarious. Unfortunately, women seem to be the only things Tracy can play (i.e. The View). Also, I'm kind of partial to Roma Downey's accent.

Grade: A+


[COMMERCIAL] Chess For Girls

Deja vu!! They've aired this commercial before. Oh well, it is funnier than the Cookie Dough Sport commercial anyway ...

Grade: B


[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp renew their wedding vows

This little sketch is getting kind of old. I thought it was funny when they sang Meredith Brooks's "Bitch" and Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping," but other than that, it was exactly like the other Bobbi and Marty Culp sketches.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] Catherine II holds press-conference

This sketch was horrible! I didn't think it was funny and it didn't make much sense. They were obviously spoofing Catherine II as Bill Clinton and the horse as Monica Lewinsky, but it didn't work. It just ended up as an unfunny mess.

Grade: F


[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo (Valentine Special)

This was a good one for a Martha Stewart promo. Ana Gasteyer's impersonation is always dead on, and I loved the last part of the skit!

Grade: B+


[SKETCH] CBS World of Sports: Eye on the Olympics (interview w/ Ross Rebagliati)

This sketch could of been funnier. I don't like Jim Breuer, who seemed to be emulating his role from his bomb of a movie, Half Baked. Frankly, I can't wait till the Olympics are over! (along with these sketches!)

Grade: D


[SKETCH] Riding My Donkey: Political Talk Show

This sketch would've been really bad if it weren't for the hilarious mistakes/bloopers that happened during it. When one of the donkeys decided to take a rest and sit down, I busted up laughing, as Tim Meadows tried to regain composure. Then the blooper with the arrow clinched it for me. The theme song was really dumb and long and on my station (I don't know if this happened all over the country), the skit started in the middle of a commercial.

Grade: D


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part one)

This was mildly funny, not hilarious. I don't think it warranted three appearances in the show, though.

Grade: C


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Same as usual ... nice and short, too.

Grade: B-


[MUSICAL GUEST] Missy Elliott

What a ditz. Unfortunately, Garth Brooks will be worse.

Grade: F


[SKETCH] Fran speaks at cousin's wedding

This sketch was funny. Cheri Oteri seemed to be playing her character a little too close to last years Mickey the Dyke, but the skit went well. I especially liked the part where she got a golden "F" as a gift from her cousin. That was funny.

Grade: B


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part two)

(See above)


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

I don't like this unfortunately recurring sketch...so I sped through it!

Grade: ? (I don't know, but I'm assuming pretty darn low.)


[TV FUNHOUSE] Ah Lin The Skater Man

Usually the funhouse cartoons are pretty good. In fact, the latest "X-Presidents" was a classic. But this one I didn't like. I don't know what turned me off about it, most likely the subtitles. It just wasn't a good one (and it was a little too long).

Grade: D+


[SKETCH] Maria looks for date at Valentine's Day Dance

I fell in love with Lou's Lovely Daughters ever since their first appearance, so when I saw they were in this sketch, I knew I would like it. Cheri Oteri plays Maria so well. My favorite line was, "I shaved!" Hilarious!!

Grade: A


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part three)

(See above)



This show was better than a lot of the recent ones have been, and the bad sketches were really outweighed by the good sketches, so it all in all was a good show to watch. Hopefully the Garth Brooks one will be just as good (or better) but I doubt it!

Grade: B-

Episode Review written by Brett Heitkam

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