Roma Downey / Missy Elliott
February 14, 1998


[OPENING] Nightline (Monica Lewinsky speaks to congress)

** It was ok, but I am sick and tired of Monica Lewinsky!


[MONOLOGUE] Roma Downey

**** This was Tracy Morgan's best work ever! He was on. This was plain out funny in every way!


[COMMERCIAL] Chess For Girls

** This is one of those things that does not belong on SNL. It is ok at times, but I don't want to see it again.


[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp renew their wedding vows

*** Will Ferrell is always good. This was done good and got funny when they started to sing. Ana did good in this as well.


[SKETCH] Catherine II holds press-conference

* They are milking this Clinton Scandle too much! They shouldn't have put this one in the show. There was only one funny part in the skit. Tim Meadows was funny in the 5 seconds he was in. SNL should have put him in more of the skit.


[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo (Valentine Special)

*** Ana is, in my opinion, the funniest female cast member on SNL today. This is her best ongoing skit.


[SKETCH] CBS World of Sports: Eye on the Olympics (interview w/ Ross Rebagliati)

**** Jim is a very funny guy. He does good when he is a stoned person. Morgan also did good in the last part of it. Will, of course, was good.


[SKETCH] Riding My Donkey: Political Talk Show

***** This is the best skit ever since Ladies Man! The theme song alone would get 5 stars from me. Ferrell is the funniest cast member since Chevy Chase. When Tim Meadows fell off the donkey, I couldn't stop laughing. They had better do this one again!


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part one)

* Sucked


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

* Quinn has lost it(not that he ever had it.) It was said that Craig Kilborn from The Daily Show may host WU in the near future. My opinion is that they get him now! Ouinn got so few laughs on saturday. This really sucked!


[MUSICAL GUEST] Missy Elliott

*** I liked this more than I thought I would. The thing that boggles me is that you can hear her, on repeat viewings, swear at the very end. She did good, but she won't be back.


[SKETCH] Fran speaks at cousin's wedding

* LameÝ


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part two)

* Sucked again


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

***** What is this doing near the end of the show! This was one of the best of the night! Tim Meadows is a very funny man. I don't remember him ever make me want to turn off the show. Thank you SNL for a great skit!


[TV FUNHOUSE] Ah Lin The Skater Man

*** This was one of the best TV Funhouse skits ever! I don't think they should be on SNL, but at least they had a decent one this weekend.


[SKETCH] Maria looks for date at Valentine's Day Dance

**** This was the 2nd time around with these people and it was good. O'Teri was great. The rest of the characters sucked. Roma sucked, but with Maria, this skit was good.


[MISCELLANEOUS] President Clinton calls Monica Lewinsky (part three)

* Can you say SUCKED!!!


The Best And Worst Of The Night


Overall Show: ****

Episode Review written by BerNiE

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